Munch on these dark chocolate goodness from Bitesize PH

Many people have an undying love for chocolates and yes, we are one of those people. We just keep on craving for a chocolatey adventure and that is exactly what Bitesize PH has given us and the rest of their loyal customers.

Bitesize PH surely has garnered quite a number of patrons from different places and it is not actually a suprise to us. Their Handmade Nama Truffles are absolutely delish and if we could only have it all day, everyday, we most probably would.

These Handmade Nama Truffles are moist, fudgy cubes of dark chocolate goodness that would automatically give you a lift even with just a single bite. This one has been and is being raved until now, because this is not only delectable, but is definitely a craving-satisfier, regardless of what time your cravings decide to hit you like a huge wave.

Obviously, we are fans of Bitesize PH’s Handmade Nama Truffles and that’s because each and every cube has been like a shoulder we could lean on lately. It’s perfect as a dessert, as a yummy treat, and even as a midnight snack. Truly, it has also helped us enjoy our short breaks even more as well as it has made us happier during our relaxation times.

You can have Bitesize PH’s Handmade Nama Truffles for only Php 140 per Box, and we suggest you order more than one, because you will end up munching on more than what you intend to anyway.

Know more about these Handmade Nama Truffles and Bitsize PH themselves by visiting their Social Media Pages, namely Facebook and Instagram. Queries? Questions? Concerns? Don’t hesitate to drop them a message!

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