Washoku Musashi-Maru: Giving you not only a taste, but a load of Japanese faves at Top of the Glo

Cherry blossoms is not the only thing people rave in Japan and everyone knows that. It undeniably is a beauty, but Japan really has so much more to offer. Also, they may be one of the shortest who reigned here in the Philippines back in the day, but people won’t be able to deny how impactful those years were. Japanese influence has really gone a long way, especially when it comes to their food.

Known for their freshness and slurp action, Japanese cuisine is really an art, a part of their culture that is also intertwined with ours as Filipinos, and we have grown into loving it, too! Sashimi, ramen, sushi, and so much more – these are just a few of what we love when it comes to the colorful and sumptuous food of the Land of the Rising, Japan!

Fortunately, we no longer need to shell out a huge sum of money in talks of air fare to get a taste of Japan, because Glorietta 2 has Japan Town which is located on Top of the Glo wherein we can have an array of Japanese food and get it from different Japanese dining concepts. For today, we experienced the glory of Japanese cuisine as Masushi-Maru served us what we could call an absolute Japanese Feast.

Jumping right into their luscious and fresh offerings, we delighted in an array of their different sashimi offerings like Salmon Sashimi (5 pcs Php 280), Uni Sashimi (Php 350), and Maguro Sashimi (5 slices Php 280). Our sashimi adventure did not stop there, though, because we also tried out a their Osashimi 6 Shu Mori (Php 1100) which is a set of salmon, tuna, ika, hotate, amaebi, and ikura.

For some snackable nomnoms that still had us satisfied, Musashi-Maru gave us a fill of their Toro Kappa Negitoro (6 pcs Php 200), Tekka Negitoro (6pcs Php 270), and Spicy Wasabi Tekka Negitoro (Php 310) for rolls alongside Inari Sushi (Php 100), Aburi Shimesaba (Php 320), Maguro Tatsuta Age (Php 250), and Cheese Potato Mochi (Php 170).

As if all that was not enough, they also served us a whole lot more of their yummies like Salmon Nigiri (3 pcs Php 200), Tamago Nigiri (3 pcs Php 150), Maguro Nigiri (Php 200), Ippon Anago Nigiri (Php 320), as well as Salmon Mayo Nigiri (Php 230).

Meanwhile, Musashi-Maru also has heavier options you can order with add ons like their Maguro Miso Katsu (Php 450) with Tonjiru Set (Php 100), Teppan Teriyaki Chicken (Php 320) with Tonjiru Set (Php 100), Ton-Katsu (110g Php 400 | 150g Php 480) with Tonjiru Set (Php 100), Teppan Hamburger Steak (Php 360) with Tonjiru Set (Php 100), and Teppan Miso Katsu (Pork Loin) (Php 420) with Tonjiru Set (Php 100)! Surely, these ones will give your appetite whatever it is looking for, and if your appetite needs more, then you gotta have their Ebi Fry Ton-Katsu and Fillet Katsu (Php 880) just like we did!

For an even more loaded choice, you could go for their hanakago offerings. We got to try out their latest two Hanakago, namely Hanakago Chashu as well as Hanakago Kaisen. Hanakago Chashu is consisted of kakiage, chashu, sashimi, maguro, salmon soup, almond jelly while comes with kakiage, kaisen, sashimi, maguro, salmon soup, almond jelly!

And to cap off this savory journey with Musashi-Maru, don’t miss out on their desserts which are just of the right sweetness! We indeed took pleasure on their Almond Jelly (Php 100) as well as their Zenzai (Php 200). These ones are just such easy eats that served as our cherry on top!

Oh, by the way, Musashi-Maru has three types of sauces that would aid you in playing up the flavor of their cabbage dressing. These sauces are black vinegar, sesame, and onion. You can also go nuts on their delicious tonkatsu sauce, so don’t be shy!

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Address: 4th Floor “Japan Town”, Top of the Glo, Glorietta 2, Makati City

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