Naked Patisserie Has Us Munching On These Christmas Trees

Yo! Have you checked the calendar lately? We are on December already; can you guys believe that? We can, but we also kind of cannot! We are still having a tough time wrapping our heads around the fact that 2021 is soon to end and 2022 is just right around the corner. Thinking about it is just wild! A lot are trying to look back at this year, like what they have have achieved and whatnot; and honestly, we think we all did great this year. Whether we have achieved a ton or not, it doesn’t matter, it shouldn’t matter, because what matters is that we made through the year! We know how this year has been tough on a lot of us – there are days when we ourselves felt blah, felt meh, but we continued and so here we all are on the last month of 2021.

That said, believe it or not, we love December. Yes, it is undeniably a busy month for us and the pressure is on, but we just love the Holidays. The Christmas spirit and cheer just bring a different kind of warmth and joy – and do not even get us started on the food! Kidding! Let’s talk about food. As Christmas celebrations are happening left and right, of course, the presence of ood won’t be denied as well. We mean, who are we to deny food? We love food all year round and we think our love for it grown even more immense during December!

As that is the case, we were overjoyed when our doorbell rang and two big boxes shaped like a Christmas tree were right at our doorstep! Naked Patisserie surely knows how to make us happy because we just got our Holiday Snackers from them!

Naked Patisserie’s Holiday Snackers are wow-worthy gift boxes filled with luscious and sumptuous treats from savories to sweets! These Holiday Snackers come in two variants – the Savory Holiday Snacker as well as the Sweet Tooth Holiday Snacker. Yay!

Being a unique spin on the classic grazing box, the Savory Holiday Snacker (Php 3950) has cold cuts as well as cheeses, delectable salted pretzels, almonds, and 10 Chocolate Oreo Cheesecake Truffles. This wonderful gift box is perfect for when you want the best of both worlds for yourself or for your loved one. Indeed a delicious gift that will be hard to resist so just a suggestion, don’t resist.

From savory with a tinge of sweetness, let’s jump onto more sweetness, shall we? Of course, we shall! Naked Patisserie’s Sweet Tooth Holiday Snacker (Php 3950) is a lovely sugar rush just waiting to happen. Filled with French Kiss Cookies, French macarons, Chocolate Oreo Cheesecake Truffles, candied almonds, and chocolate covered pretzels, this gift box had us hoing like yum, yum, and just yum! Truly a gift box that we would be second guessing whether we’ll gift it or just keep it.

Naked Patisserie did not disappoint us again. Honestly, they have never once disappointed us, especially with these Holiday Snackers of theirs plus their well-loved cake creations! They have us wrapped around their finger and we are not complaining at all.

Know more about Naked Patisserie and how you could get your hands on their delicious offering by checking out their Socials which are Facebook and Instagram, as well as their Website. Enjoy and look out for your drool!

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