Naked Patisserie: Turning your fantasy into a reality

There is a certain element in a fairytale that we keep on holding onto. Just like how much we believe that our dreams would one become a reality. There is no denying that we seldom would catch ourselves zoning out from the present as we go all whimsical in our minds, and then something in our realities would just go drag us back to the now and we will probably end our days with a sigh.

Now, we don’t want you to get sad over that, so if you want to keep the fire in you burning, if you want to keep your passion for the things you love and believe in ablazed, we have found a pastry shop that will have your jaws dropping to the floor as they could craft cakes and more as if it is a fairytale that has come to life.

Naked Patisserie is a pastry shop specializing in creating premium bespoke Weddings as well as Events cakes with the use of only the finest ingredients they could find. All their recipes and cake designs are just truly beyond imagination, especially their exquisitely handpainted fondant cakes, buttercream cakes, and rustic naked cakes.

With that, we genuinely had our hearts and minds set out to try out a few of their mindblowing creations and surely, we were not disappointed.

Starting with their Chocolate Oreo Cheesecake Truffles. This one is of decadent chocolate truffles filled with premium  Oreo cheesecake filling and topped with edible gold dust. We would absolutely be lying if we told you we did not fall in love with every chocolatey piece.

And so we moved onto another sweet kiss by Naked Patisserie. Their Strawberries N’ Cream Cake is a moist strawberry cake with cream cheese frosting topped with premium strawberries and edible gold dust. This one had us reminiscing of fun childhood memories in which we no doubt believed we were royalties in the castles we lived in.

Although Naked Patisserie is mostly known for their mouthwatering pastry creations, they do have their Baked Brie Mac N’ Cheese for when you are feeling rebelious. This 4-cheese dish that is comprised of an explosion of flavors of pepper jack, csharp cheddar, parmesan and baked brie with a creamy, structured texture, is a scrumptious surprise that had us drooling for more.

If you want to see more of Naked Patisserie, do check out their Facebook and Instagram Pages, as well as their Website. However, if you have decided or maybe you have a certain vision in mind, you can reach them via their email, online store, or even their mobile which is at +63 945 468 5141 and +63 965 139 6609.

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