Need a caterer or craving for a dish that can be delivered? Mick’s Food Corner is the answer!

Mick’s Food Corner is an Antipolo based food catering and delivery service. They could make a custom menu in regards to what their clients want and of course, in consideration with their budget, too. With this, Mick’s Food Corner is able to produce yummy, filling dishes that sure are a hit in every event.

Other than that, as Mick’s Food Service also is a food delivery service, of course they have some staples that you would absolutely enjoy every mouthful of. From appetizers to mains to desserts, Mick’s Food Corner is ready to give you whatever it is you are craving for!

Their Empanadas are so easy to love, especially as this ones are made fresh. Customers usually order this during merienda as they want a quick yet still delicious filler to ready themselves for an absolutely lovely dinner.

That being said, for dinner, you could start with their Shrimp with Veggies Platter together with their Herb Stuffed Chicken. These ones are definitely must-tries as it is a crowd favorite which is not really a surprise. Both are just really so good and flavorful that you would reach for it again in no time.

Speaking of crowd favorites, other than those two dishes, their Beef Salpicao as well as their Whole Honey Garlic Roasted Chicken are two of their bestselling delicacies. These savories will have you drooling even with just a sight of them, so you would want to grab yourself a serving right away.

After indulging in such savories by Mick’s Food Corner, there is really no reason for you to look for another place, because their Cupcakes are ready for your taking. These ones are a delight to end such a spectacular meal time and you surely won’t be regretting every bite you take of it.

Mick’s Food Corner’s offering ranges from pastas, viands, sandwiches, quesadillas, gyozas, cupcakes, and even to some beverages like milktea and lemonade. To know more about what you could eat and sip from them, you can check out their Facebook and Instagram Pages for sure.

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