Netplates Foods has professional chefs cooking for you

Netplates Foods is a cloud kitchen ran by professional chefs producing a number of cuisines such as Filipino, Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Thai, and Western. Other than those, Netplates Foods is also offering desserts, beverages, and even set meals that are all good for sharing.

With the aim to provide fresh, hot, and fast meals while keeping the health and safety of the people a priority, Netplates Foods is open for takeout and delivery from Monday to Sunday, 7AM to 7:30PM. No doubt, Netplates Foods have your and your loved ones’ meals for the whole day covered.

Wondering what you could order from Netplates Foods for you and for people dear to you? Then you guys better have a lot of space in our tummy, because what we got for you are definitely hefty and yummy!

Their Grilled Meat and Gulay Bilao (Php 999) is surely a hearty choice. Has rice, grilled liempo, grilled chicken, and various vegetables such as eggplant and pechay? “Yes, please!” would be your answer right away.

Another filling choice for you to go for is their Pancit Malabon which will fill you up in no time. This one has servings for 1 to 2 People (Php 279), for 3 to 4 People (Php 539), and a Party that is good for 7 to 8 People (Php 1079).

These dishes are just two delicious dishes that Netplates Foods could cook for you and bring to you. Know more about Netplates Foods and the other yummies they have up for grabs by visiting their Facebook, Instagram, and Website.

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