Never Getting Tired Of House of Lechon

Every time we are in Cebu, there is just no way we are not going to visit a branch of House of Lechon. Seriously, ever since we have gotten a taste of their food and service years ago, we see to it that we get to enjoy them whenever we are traveling near them. Undeniably, House of Lechon has claimed a spot in our hearts plus our palates. 

Highlighting classic Filipino dishes, traditional Cebuano food, particularly that luscious Cebu Lechon, it is not really surprising how House of Lechon garnered a loyal fanbase, especially since their restaurants are lovely and comfortable too. Dining at House of Lechon with your loved ones will always be a celebration filled with happy moments and delicious memories. 

As that is the case, when we found ourselves in Cebu again a few months ago, we made sure to have House of Lechon a significant stop on our itinerary. We just knew we cannot leave Cebu without indulging in a feast only the House of Lechon can provide, and so off we went to House of Lechon, Acacia branch. 

As soon as we arrived, we sat down and started ordering to our hearts’ content. The first dishes that came to our table are their appetizers, specifically their Chili Cheese Sticks (Php 155) and Crispy Chicken Skin (Php 195). These two gave us that lovely and delicious crispy bite that we always enjoy. 

The next two appetizers that came were their Ginabot (Php 250) and Lechon Sisig (Php 275). These two also gave us that crispy adventure but in a different sense as they also have that chewy texture to them. Nonetheless, we were absolutely delighted in each bite we took of every appetizer. 

Next to the appetizers came our order of noodles and kinilaw. Their Bam-I Bisaya (Php 230) is a combination of canton and bihon, and is a crowd favorite here at House Lechon, while their Kinilaw na Tangigue (Php 235) is a refreshing dish that we truly love as it gave us that sour and spicy combo that we have always been fans of. 

After those two, we then moved onto their mains, particularly a few options from their seafood selection. We had their Lemon Buttered Shrimp (Php 460), Gambas ala Concasse (Php 410), and Squid Adobo (Php 295). These three mains definitely gave us a seafood feast that we still keep talking about up to this day. 

Of course, to top this all off, we made sure to grab a few dessert glasses. We chose House of Lechon’s Broken Glass (Php 195 | Small Php 65), Oreo Mango Float (Php 195 | Small Php 65), and Pandan Tapioca (Php 195 | Small Php 65). Such delectable and delightful choices that put a smile on our faces really! 

Obviously, this meal time with House of Lechon is one for the books again! Know more about House of Lehon and what else you can dig into by visiting their Facebook and Instagram.

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