Newest Branch for Brunch: Tim Hortons Opens New Outlet in Glorietta 4



We all are already familiar with Tim Hortons coffee and sweet treats. But did you also know that they offer great sandwiches and wraps available all day at any of their branches?




On a busy weekday, we got to try their Chipotle Chicken Wrap (140php) which is quite touched by Mediterranean flavor, and their Italiano Bagel (180php) which quickly became one of our favorites. Make it a combo and also get a small iced coffee and crispy potato wedges along with your chosen bites!


Other than the dishes we tried, they also offer Chicken Bacon Ranch Wrap, Tuna Wrap, Steak and Cheese Panini, and Tuscan Chicken Panini.


If you haven’t tried their coffee yet, I’d recommend their famous Double-Double. Surely, there is a reason why this is one of their best-selling coffee mix. Double-double will get you a coffee with double cream and double sugar, which is a well-known coffee mix, and a very well-known Canadian term.



Are you an office person? Tim Hortons Philippines recently opened a small outlet in Glorietta 4, Glorietta Complex, Makati City, which is a very nice location within Ayala Center.

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3 thoughts on “Newest Branch for Brunch: Tim Hortons Opens New Outlet in Glorietta 4

    May 25, 2019

    MEDIA! Can you have someone reply to me from Franchise Management or the Philippine owner please. I have been a major investor and may just have to sell! I expect the courtesy of a reply please!

    Thomas Vogt

    # 1 I have visited your Tim Horton’s Eastwood location on over 23 occasions. It was good when first opened however has gone down hill ever since. I visited the Eastwood store 3 times this week and every time they were out of donuts. How can a donut shop be out of donuts? Someone is not paying attention to what is available in the front of the store. I also ordered bacon/egg biscuit four times the past week (April 1-6) and each time the bacon was not cooked despite asking for same. Well I visited again Saturday morning and asked for two egg/cheese biscuits at 10:20am and they said they cannot make without bacon. TH’s web site says they can. Then the attendant says they have no biscuits, muffins and only one bagel. Once again left very disappointed. This place needs proactive management and is losing business to nearby J-Co, Krispy Kreme and six other places that have donuts/breakfast within 2 blocks!. Perhaps I need to advise Franchise Management in Canada that their PH stores will close if they continue to mismanage their stores here.! They are probably losing 50% in sales revenue each week!

    # 2
    Visited Eastwood Tim Hortons May 25 at 6:37pm. Ordered an ‘everything’ bagel with cream cheese. They said not available. Ordered two chocolate chip cookies and they said not available. Ordered frozen hot chocolate drink and they said not available. Asked for the manager and he said they have ordering issues. NO THEY HAVE LONG STANDING MANAGEMENT ISSUES AND SHOULD CLOSE. This is not the first time it happens always! TERRIBLE!!!!!


    Thomas Vogt

    P.S. I have been a customer in Buffalo New York since 1975!

    1. Hi Thomas,

      Thank you for raising your concern.
      We will do our best to get your message across the right people who will be able to do something about it.
      Thanks for reading our blogs.

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