Nhà Em is giving the flavors of your home an authentic Vietnamese delight and you have got to try it!

Known as having the healthiest food in the world, Vietnamese cuisine encompasses food and beverage, of course, of Vietnam, and features a mishmash of five fundamental tastes (Vietnamese: ngũ vị) in the overall meal. Each Vietnamese dish consisting common ingredients such as fish sauce, shrimp paste, soy sauce, rice, fresh herbs, fruit, and vegetables has a distinctive taste that reflects one or more of the five fundamental tastes.

Nhà Em being a one-stop authentic Vietnamese restaurant here in the Philippines is more than glad to guide their diners into exploring each and every yummy dish of theirs, especially most of their ingredients are imported from Vietnam, and has been cooked by a well-trained and qualified chef with an authentic recipe and by utilizing traditional techniques of cooking a Vietnamese dish.

Greeting you a good day, start this Vietnamese exploration with a fun dish of theirs called Vietnamese Crispy Crepe (Php 425 for sharing). This crispy crepe is a definite must-have, made with their very own homemade batter, sautéed with beansprouts, shrimp, and pork. Wrap it in veggies and herbs, and dip in special nuoc mam!

As this Vietnamese Crispy Crème also known as Bánh Xèo is undeniably huge and for you to eat it, you first lay out your veggies, then add some cut Bánh Xèo , then top it with herbs, then finally, roll, dip, and enjoy!

Another tasty dish from Nhà Em that you could easily munch on is the
Bánh Mì which you should not miss out on as they claim to be the world’s best sandwiches. This one you can get either with Meatball or Grilled Chicken which are both a delight!

After that, have a fill of Fresh Spring Roll (Solo Php 225 | Regular Php 310) which is actually one of Vietnam’s most iconic dishes. That being said, Nhà Em’s fresh and healthy spring rolls are made with thin slices of pork and shrimp, vermicelli noodles, and herbs that altogether is such a perfect match with their homemade peanut sauce.

Follow that one with its other variant which is their Fried Spring Roll (Solo Php 220 | Regular Php 305). This signature dish of theirs is a symphony of the flavors of minced pork, shrimp, mushroom, and rice noodles in authentic Vietnamese web wrapper.

Next to that is their savory-sweet stir-fried dish that has gotten its English name from the cook’s constant shaking of the pan while browning the meat. Their Shaking Beef (Php 565) is served with crispy sweet potato chips and a salt & pepper lime dip.

More into some beefy goodness, Nhà Em’s Spicy Beef Noodles (Php 415) are of bun toi noodles in a spicy broth made with pork and beef bones, beef meatballs, pork knuckles, and spicy shrimp paste. This one is such a must-try and is seasoned with lemongrass, other herbs and veggies.

For a more adventurous take on a noodle dish, better grab their Crispy Noodles (Solo Php 290 | Regular Php 465) as this one is a serving of golden nests of thin egg noodles alongside shrimp, crunchy vegetables, and gravy that you will have to pour over the egg noodles to finally enjoy.

Another delicious noodle dish of Nhà Em that you should not miss out on is their Chicken Noodle Soup (Php 355) which is of bánh phở noodles in a light chicken broth, seasoned with herb. This one is no doubt a Vietnamese style chicken soup for your soul.

If you feel like having more chicken for your soul, without the soup this time, their Grilled Chicken (Php 295) is an absolute delight as this one is of grilled chicken marinated with special sauce, and served with meat pie, pickled veggies, and poached egg.

Topping it all off, especially now that summer is here, Nhà Em’s Three Color Dessert (Php 130) is such a lovely sweet treat you undeniably will love. With red beans, yellow beans, and pandan jelly, this three-layered milky goodness is sure to beat the heat!

Other than nutritious and delicious dishes, Nhà Em has a bunch of beverages that are a perfect pair to any dish of theirs. Better try out their bestsellers such as their Vietnamese Traditional Iced Coffee (Php 125), Vietnamese Traditional Hot Coffee (Php 115), 2L Lemon (Php 95), and Vietnamese Traditional Lotus Green Tea (Php 150) that would have you sipping non-stop.

Truly, Nhà Em gives your Vietnam dream trip a scrumptious actualization by bringing the authentic healthy and tasty Vietnamese dining experience to the Philippines. Plus, with “Nhà Em” meaning “My home”, they are not only about Vietnamese cuisine, but they are about the rich culture of Vietnam as well.

Featured Branch: Nha Em Vietnamese Restaurant, SM Aura

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