No Brand Philippines Is Going Online, So Here Are 9 No Brand Treats We Can’t Wait To Get Our Hands On!

It was just a few months ago when people raved about a certain specialty grocery store that goes by the name No Brand. No Brand is a popular Korean retail shop that offers goodies which ranges from self-care, home essentials, and even down to a variance of food choices which we are all about! They have recently announced going online and we can’t wait for their online launch as we actually have a list of yummies we can’t wait to get a hold of!

Photo by No Brand Philippines

If you want to find out what we surely will be getting as soon as their online store is up, then today is your lucky day, because you are on the right track!

1.) No Brand Potato Chips

Photo by No Brand Philippines

This one is well-loved by many and of course, by us, too, as we love its thinness alongside the crisp we get to enjoy in every bite. Much like other potato chips, No Brand Potato Chips come in different variants like Original, Purple Sweet Potato, Sourcream and Onion, and Seaweeds & Wasabi.

2.) No Brand Frozen Pizza

Photo by No Brand Philippines

Who would say no on pizza, especially on No Brand Pizza? Probably a person with no taste! Just kidding! But really, if you have some terrible pizza cravings you just can’t seem to shake off, No Brand Frozen Pizza is the fix you have been searching for. Plus, this one is an easy pizza party for you!

3.) No Brand Dried Seaweed

Photo by No Brand Philippines

Been drooling over that apparently trending dish that is just a comfort food of many, including us? Yes, we are talking about Sushi Bake – there we said it already! We can’t stop ourselves from wanting that thing in our tummies, so if ever get the time to actually do our own version, it’s good that No Brand has a variance of Dried Seaweed we could have our Sushi Bake with.

4.) No Brand Popcorn

Photo by No Brand Philippines

Oh, please. Don’t tell us you haven’t been binge-watching movies and series on Netflix all day! We know you are doing that, because that’s what we have been doing from time to time as well. It’s okay! You don’t have to be productive every minute of every day. A little break is a must, too, so why not pair your watch time with No Brand Popcorn?! Popcorn is said to be the perf snack to go with movies anyway!

5.) No Brand Peanut Butter

Photo by No Brand Philippines

Are you snacky, but also on a diet? We found the perfect solution to your dilemma, honey. No Brand Peanut Butter is the one for you! They even have their Crunchy Peanut Butter if you feel like having an adventure, and of course, they also have their Creamy Peanut Butter if you want something smooth to love up. Either way, you are getting what you want and what you need in one jar!

6.) No Brand Cereal

Photo by No Brand Philippines

Don’t have the energy to prep and cook something up in the kitchen? No problem! No Brand Cereals are the perf go-to, especially when you are still so sleepy in the morning. Enjoy their Almond Cranberry Cereal for when you feel like having a fruity day or you can also go for their Choco Ring Cereal if you are feeling like going choco loco!

7.) No Brand Roasted Chestnuts

Photo by No Brand Philippines

Are you looking for a great snack to reach for from time to time – while you are watching, just thinking, or even when you are working? No Brand Roasted Chestnuts is a favorite of many, and we are not going to let ourselves be the last ones to try it, so we sure will be grabbing a few of this as well!

8.) No Brand Ramen

Catching up on all your must-watch KDramas, we see. As KDramas love featuring their culture, including their food, we are pretty sure, you are sometimes wishing you are also eating something that is of a Korean food, too. Hurry and make yourself this No Brand Ramen and slurp your way while riding all the emotions you are feeling from your choice of KDrama.

9.) No Brand Cookies

And lastly, our all-time favorite, all-time craving – cookies! No Brand Chocochip Cookies has been one of our go-to comfort snacks as it definitely feels like an embrace for when we are down, but of course, we sure will be snatching a few of No Brand Butter Cookies as well, because we heard this one is great with tea, coffee, and milk, too!

There you have it! These are 9 No Brand snacks we can’t wait to fill our carts with once their online store is up and running!

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*Featured Photo by No Brand Philippines

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