No good morning text for breakfast? Well, Providore Cebu is your new delicious boo

As we get to spend only a weekend in Cebu, you bet we are going to make the best out of it, explore it as much as we can, especially get to eat at some of the best dining concepts here – one of which is Providore Cebu. Providore is one of the lovely restaurants under Raintree.

Inspired by the retro counters, delis, and luncheonettes of yesteryear, Providore Cebu no doubt gives its diners a classic throwback to the time when tomatoes are fresh off the farm and fresh milk in a glass bottle delivered by a milkman. Being a fresh go-to restaurant here in Cebu that is offering authentic American and home-style Filipino cuisine, we sure would not be taking our flight back to Manila without experiencing what they claim to be a full dining experience that will take you back to the good ole days.

With a menu that is filled of all-time favorites, we went to Providore’s Breakfast Buffet to fill our tummies as much as we can to jumpstart our day. Upon entering, you will be able to see that Providore Cebu has a built-in coffee bar, a bistro, and an essential kitchen provisions and a retail area with local artisanal items.

As we are served a load of breakfast options, we opted for the ones that have teased our eyes, made our mouths salivate, and made our palate crave until we get a mouthful of each! We first had a plate of yummy corned beef, egg, and fried rice to really ump us up as the sun greets us a warm hello.

From that classic breakfast plate, we started digging into another classic one that leans more into our Filipino roots. Our plate of longganisa, daing, scrambled egg, and fried rice is a breakfast meal that is as tasty and as filling as you think it would be – maybe even more.

Providore Cebu being of an American cuisine as well, of course we loved up our day by gorging their bacon, sunny side up egg, fried potatoes, and pork and beans! Indeed, not only a good morning for us, but a great one, no doubt.

Being at providore already, we are not to pass up on the opportunity to gobble down a trademark dish of theirs, the Ube Champorado! This one is so scrumptious that it is has become popular here in Cebu as well and that households prefer to cook it over the classic chocolate one.

Providore Cebu is the official restaurant of the Summit Galleria Hotel and they have an entrance also within the Robinsons Galleria Mall. Their Breakfast Buffet runs from 6AM to 10PM, but they are willing to extend it depending on the crowd. For Php 495, walk-ins can also enjoy the breakfast buffet, including drinks such as cucumber four seasons, orange juice, hot chocolate, and of course, brewed coffee.

You might also want to take advantage of their current promo which is for every order of Pizza comes free two iced teas. Their Pizza comes in Roasted Tomato Margeherita, Butcher’s Best, Four cheese, Straight UP Pepperoni or Truffled Mushroom – choose any and get 2 iced teas for free. This one is a lunch time promo, perf for that much-deserved break of yours. Plus, they also give special discounts to BPO, so dine with them now!

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Address: General Maxilom Avenue Extension, B. Benedicto Street, Cebu City, Philippines

Contact Number: (032) 273 0707

Hours of Operation: 6AM to 10PM

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