No need for a bucket list: Grab bucket loads of yummy, crispy, crazy fun chicken wings at Sunrise Buckets!

Have you ever heard of this glorious finger food called Chicken Wings? If not, then you’re probably the pink starfish, Patrick Star. Anyway, if you’re a total die hard fan of chicken wings, you have got to keep on reading because at Sunrise Buckets, you don’t get your wings on a plate, you get it by the bucket! And we know how getting things by the bucket might just be the main ingredient for an awesome party, right? Of course, yes! Duh~

2008 was the kickoff year of this hip food joint, Sunrise Buckets; and back then it was just a kiosk. Come 2010 and they opened their first ever branch, which was then in Madison Square in Greenhills. With a crowd hungry for more chicken wings and a lot of other things, Sunrise Buckets surely started poppin’ even more. Currently, you’ll be able to spot them at The Grove, Burgos Circle, Power Plant Mall, and Santolan Town Plaza.

If you’re one of the crowd hungry for those chicken wings and a lot of other things, then get a chair and make sure you have something to wipe off what will be your drool.


With sunrise being considered as a symbol of new hope, this starter we are about to share with you will not only brighten up your day as it comes with colorful tortilla chips, but this dish will spice things up just a tad bit. Sunrise Buckets’ Chili con Carne is a delicious spicy slow cooked stew made of chili peppers, ground beef, tomatoes, spices and herbs. You can get this in mild, hot, or extra hot – depending on how you like to really kick off your palate!


As the Chili con Carne has given you that spicy thrill, but you want to have some of that crispy and crunchy adventure, grab Sunrise Buckets’ Atlantic Cod Fish Fish n’Chips. Served as a crispy golden beer battered atlantic cod fish with seasoned fries, this surely is a dish you have got to try! This Fish n’ Chips also comes with your choice of a mouthwatering dip – Jack Daniel’s, honey mustard, Jim Beam Bourbon, hickory, garlic glazed, hot n’ sticky maple, black peppered, malt vinegar, or tartar sauce.


With some spice, crispy and crunch, you might want to take pleasure in some chili cheesy fun! Good thing Sunrise Buckets offers Chili Cheese Frankfurter. Spunk your frankfurter by toppin’ it with slow simmered chili with cheese which will give you that ooey gooey goodness you’ve been wanting to experience.


If you want more of that crisp and crunch, and if you’re ready for some really kickin’ party in your mouth, they indulge into some Ultimate Jalapeño Burger which you can either get with Chicken Breast Fillet or Cod Fish. Who would back down from crispy fillet coated with Sunrise Buckets’ very own Honey Jalapeño sauce, and generously topped with jalapeño cheese, jalapeño slice, and a whole jalapeño, and served with seasoned fries? Definitely not us!

And of course, the legit sunrise in Sunrise Buckets: Chicken Wings! You have no idea how much happiness chicken wings can bring into our lives; plus you can get your chicken fix either boneless or wings. Sunrise Buckets has a lot of flavor variants for their chicken wings so it’s going to be hard naming favorites.


Sunrise Original Chicken Wings is actually recommended for first timers. With an authentic New York buffalo sauce that is bursting with sweet and spicy flavors. You surely don’t want to miss this one out as this will give you a ride that will wipe you out in every bite.


You want more than just a wipe out? Sunrise Buckets jacked up their sunrise original sauce with heat of real chilies, and so let’s go find out if you can beat the heat of Ultimate Crazy Hot Chicken Wings! With the words ultimate, crazy, and hot, we just want you to keep in mind that this flavor is really a next level spicy!


If you want a more playful flavor, Sunrise Buckets offers Jack Daniels Chicken Wings. Don’t fret; this variant of chicken wings has no alcohol remains so this won’t get you drunk, we promise! What you’re going to get from this is the taste of the sweet whisky sauce which is an excellent flavor.

Up for some getting down? By that we mean do you want some drinks to down all the food you’ve stuffed your tummies with? If you said “yes”, then great! If you said “no”, then bummer, we’re still giving you some. Anyhoo, we got four Sunrise Buckets drinks for you – two are cocktails and the other two are milkshakes. Yay!


If you’re feeling brave and fun, Fearless Chicks Cocktail is the perfect drink for you! It’s made with caramel, lemon, sunrise iced tea, cointreau, and vodka. It has a sweet, tangy taste that will be hard for you to forget and even deny!


Another cocktail we have for you is Sunrise Buckets’ Pacific Blue Cocktail. Made with vodka, lemon juice, orange juice, and curacao, and with the word blue in its name, you would think it’s going to be full on blue, but it’s not. It’s dominantly blue, yes, but this drink screams more fun as it is not only as colorful as the rainbow, but this is certainly a refreshing and cool drink you’d really take pleasure in sipping.


If you’re up for a different kind of fun, then you have got to try this Rainbow Candy Milkshake of Sunrise Buckets. This pinkish, purple-ish milkshake with colorful candies has just the right sweetness and creaminess – perfect in balancing out or even dying down the spicy flavors from all the crazy hot munching you enjoyed.


And of course, we’re not going to let you go without having some chocolate to top all this off. The Moo Maltesers Milkshake is a rich chocolatey milkshake with special chocolate syrup blended with it, and topped with real Maltesers – a drink you’ll probably have a hard time refusing on. But then again, why would you refuse?

If you think this is already a lot, then brace yourself when you drop by in any of the Sunrise Buckets branches, because there surely is more where all this came from. Plus, they’ve even added more items on their all day breakfast and desserts section, so be sure to check those out as well!


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