No Need To Wait For The Sorbetero’s Cart To Pass, Kalye Sorbetes Is Here

Across our islands, the ringing of the sorbetero bell would make one immediately head outside, towards the cart filled with sorbetes to enjoy this treasured treat that is uniquely Filipino.

But what happens when during the pandemic, where lockdowns and shutdowns are common, these iconic carts cannot visit your area?

With this in mind, C. Valley Creamery’s chief Sorbetero, Paul P. Perez went to work to recreate this traditional delight, crafting a new premium ice cream that brings the familiar goodness of the street sorbetes, without having to wait for the sorbetero’s cart to pass.

Aptly called Kalye Sorbetes, it is produced in small batches, to ensure every batch is fresh to be enjoyed across the metro.

For its maiden offering, 5 flavors – all named – you guessed it right – after main Metro Manila streets or areas.  Chocolocan is an exquisite milk-chocolate flavor using local tablea topped with choco bits! Manggahan is an all-out mango flavor with dried mango bits, celebrating the true flavor of the national fruit.  Ubelt celebrates the  Pinoys love for Ube Halaya – and is matched with cheddar cheese bits. Quezo Avenue is an ode to the quintessential cheese flavor peddled by the tireless sorbeteros while coffee takes center stage with Kape Del Pan, an arabica beans flavor matched with some bread bits, a very Filipino habit of dipping bread in their coffee!

All these flavors can be ordered via the brand’s Facebook or Instagram page (@kalyesorbetes) and it will be delivered the following day.

Community resellers are also welcome. Letter of intent can be sent to

Indeed, Kalye is here – so you can now bring home your street favorite, anytime you want it – and no need to wait for the sorbetero cart to visit your street.

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