No Need to Wonder where to get Twice-Fried Boneless Chicken, because Wonder Chicken gotchu!

Time for some chicken fun! And to guarantee that kind of delicious fun, we got ourselves some Wonder Chicken! “Why?”, you ask. Well, they are known and loved for their Twice-Fried Boneless Chicken and you know how much we enjoy that crackling crispy goodness, right? So yes, we are having Wonder Chicken for a guaranteed chicken-tastic time!

Currently, Wonder Chicken has six mouthwatering and popping flavors; and out of those six, we have chosen three! Yes, you read that right, we delighted in three awesome flavors of crispy and tender Twice-Fried Boneless Chicken by Wonder Chicken.

We first got our hands on their Korean Style Fried Chicken that is available in Solo Meal (Php 150), Half Box (Php 290), and Whole Box (Php 545). This one is a crowd favorite all because of its sticky red glaze that is just the perfect balance of both sweet and savory flavors and spices!

Next to that was their Soy Garlic Fried Chicken that is also available in Solo Meal (Php 150), Half Box (Php 290), and Whole Box (Php 545). Bursting with rich Asian flavors, each juicy bite sure is as yummy as you are imagining it to be!

Last, but definitely not the least, was none other than their Honey Lemon Fried Chicken that is, you guessed it, available in Solo Meal (Php 150), Half Box (Php 290), and Whole Box (Php 545) as well. Smothered in a refreshing golden glaze, we enjoyed this choice for its zesty and delicious surprise.

These are just three flavors of what Wonder Chicken has in store for you. Surely, there is more for you to drool over! You can even go for their Mix & Match which gives you the fun opportunity to get two flavors in one whole box for just Php 560.

Know more about Wonder Chicken and all the flavors of their Twice-Fried Boneless Chicken by visiting their Socials — Facebook and Instagram. Have fun!

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