No One Can Stop Us From Having Vito’s BBQ… Again

We had the time of our lives with the #PambansansangBBQ, Vito’s BBQ, again! That’s right, we got to have them for the second time because we wanted to relive the first time we got to have them. Their barbecues are just so good! There was no barbecue there that wasn’t tender and tasty! Of course, we also got their famous Killer Boneless Chicken alongside their hearty Java Rice, because why not?

Vito’s BBQ may be known for the deliciousness of their BBQ, but other than that, the culture as well as the experience that come with their products are what they are actually well loved for! Indeed, Vito’s BBQ is more than just BBQ and a lot of people, including us, could and would vouch for that!

That said, their Chicken BBQ Sticks (10 pieces Php 550) with their signature spiced vinegar and atchara, as expected, did not disappoint! It still is that drool-worthy barbecue that have claimed our hearts stick after stick the first time.

Following that is none other than their Killer BC (4 pieces Php 750) or Killer Boneless Chicken, of course! This saucy and savory, tender and juicy chicken is a hassle-free eat. With no bones for us to manuever around, we just kept on biting off it and chewing and munching until we got ourselves another piece.

Aside from these meaty choices from Vito’s BBQ, another product of theirs that had us satisfied and babying a round full belly was their Java Rice (4 cups Php 200). This was more than just a nice pairing to both the Chicken BBQ Sticks as well as the Killer Boneless Chicken. So good!

Carbing it up even more with Vito’s BBQ, we were so glad to have gotten their Pufflabok as well! This dish a modern approach to a classic Filipino favorite! With a sauce that is chicken and seafood based over puff noodles alongside a generous topping of premium baby scallops, shrimps, eggs, spring onions, and chicharron, there is no doubt in our minds, hearts, and palates that this dish is a must-try and goes well with everything we got from Vito’s BBQ!

This Pufflabok, by the way, comes in O.G. (Php 650) and Limited Black (Php 670). The Limited Black also known as Black Edition or La Petite Bella is of squid ink and seafood based pufflabok.

There are more good deals being offered by Vito’s BBQ, that’s for sure! They have combo meals up for grabs as well as Bao-B-Q which are delicious filling baos that are great for grab-and-go. Condiments such as BC Sauce, Atchara, Spiced Vinegar, Chili Oil, and Crispy Garlic, to tweak your orders’ taste in respect to your preference are also available.

Know more about what you can devour at Vito’s BBQ by checking out their Social Media Pages, namely Facebook and Instagram. They also have a Website for you to explore so feel free to do that.

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