No One Knows Indulgence Like David’s Food Orders

Let’s talk premium desserts that will 110% satisfy you! David’s Food Orders has a wide selection of indulgent treats and goodies for your sweet tooth. From pancakes to cakes to cheesecakes, they surely have all that covered from top to bottom. They even have fruity ones, chocolatey ones, guilt-free ones – name it and they could make it!

The creations of David’s Food Orders have been dubbed as heavenly, so good, delicious, smooth, rich and creamy; and we don’t know about you guys but those words are music to our ears as it shows that we are about to embark on an unforgettable and decadent journey like no other! That said, we were not able to stop ourselves from snatching a few of their bestsellers such as their well-loved Fluffy Pancakes and their must-try Basque Burnt Cheesecake Bites also known as BBC Bites!

Their Fluffy Pancakes is currently available on 7 delectable flavors hence we got 2 out of those 7! We started with their Strawberries & Cream Fluffy Pancakes (Php 430) and we honestly would not have started any other way. This one comes in a box of 6 with butter and syrup, then topped with strawberries and lovely whipped cream.

Another pancake variant we went for was their Ube Fluffy Pancake (Php 430), because if you know us, you know we won’t let anything ube pass our way without being able to try it! This also comes in a box of 6 with butter and syrup, but this time, alongside ube dip!   

From there, we just can’t deny how much we have fallen in love with David’s Food Orders already. What we didn’t know, though, is that we are about to fall in love with them even more – all thanks to their Basque Burnt Cheesecake Bites!

Their Basque Burnt Cheesecake Bites are one of David’s Food Orders’ first and exclusive creations! These are slices of rich, cheesy, and burnt goodness coated with dark chocolate ganache that are topped with different features on a stick!

These BBC Bites also comes in 7 different flavors and this time, we made sure to get all 7! We had the Sprinkles. the Caramel, the White Chocolate, the Toasted Almonds, the Strawberries, the Ferrero and Hershey’s, and of course, the Chocnut! It was just too hard to choose so we just got all of them, especially since each slice is only priced at Php 150, minimum of 2 slices per order.

As we have said, David’s Food Orders has a ton of premium desserts to offer. Seriously, these ones we talked about are nowhere near half of what they have ready for you, so go on and check them out on their Facebook and Instagram from which you can place your orders too.

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