No time to think, just go deliciously dig: Tipsy Pig Gastropub is the perfect hang out space for your league

Super combination of playful humor + Great tasting food + Hip environment all rolled into one place = Tipsy Pig. That being said, the place is definitely a concept that is forward-looking and speaks of trendiness from settings to servings, everything!

To drink and to eat are two things people love doing and that is what Tipsy Pig actually is. Living up to its good-play-on-words name , this place non-stop gives its guests – diners and drinkers alike – an exciting option to dine in or dine out in a cool casual ambiance.

With a branch in Capitol Commons, BGC, and in Timog, Tipsy has a lot of dishes that needs to be tried out and gobbled down soon as they will be expanding their menu with even more greatness and the right thing to do is to try those out as well.

Starting with the Smoked Salmon Salad (Php 305) which is of mixed greens tossed in spicy Asian dressing topped with smoked salmon and roasted sesame seeds. This dish is no doubt a flare of flavors that the palate will take more pleasure in as intended.

Following that with a dish easy to eat as it is a hand-held treat, the Sisig Platter (Php 360) is Tipsy Pig’s take on the favorite sisig, but this one is served in tacos which are great to share, served in 6 smaller sumptuous pieces.

Another fun dish to eat with the hands is no other than the delightful Vineyard Pizza (Php 490) which has roasted garlic spread, topped tomato confit, pancetta, mozzarella, grapes and fresh basil. This one is such a lovely dish to enjoy with great company.

Having pizza can make people look for some pasta as well and so the Beef Tapa Al Olio (Php 370) is a delicious turn of events as who said tapa can’t be eaten with pasta, right?  And so, better try out their breakfast tapa tossed in olive oil with lots of garlic over pasta and fresh parmesan cheese.

After that is a dish highlighting the Filipino cuisine, the Tipsy Kare-Kare (Php 550) is guaranteed to turn your plate upside down! Roasted pork belly served with their special peanut sauce, grilled eggplants and greens, and a side of shrimp paste? Well, yes, please!

What’s next is another Filipino delicacy, the Roasted Chicken Bacolod (Php 710) or RCB is a travel back to your Pinoy roots while adding a twist to an old favorite. This boneless whole chicken marinated and roasted inasal style of Tipsy Pig is good for three to four folks.

With the salted egg craze not going to faze out anytime soon, the Crispy River Prawn with Salted Egg Butter (Php 480) is indeed a reward to the palate with the juiciness of deep fried fresh prawns tossed in salted egg butter and a side of salted egg salad is just downright delectable. It truly is a dish you won’t be able to resist.

And for dessert, the Ube Cheesecake (Php 310) is Tipsy Pig’s homemade ube made into a cheesecake with coconut graham crust and it is just splendid, no doubt!

Now that there have a been a bunch of delicious dishes for diners, some drinkers would be delighted here as well, of course, because Tipsy Pig has a wide range of drinks perfect for a chill night out with the gang or whoever – like a gorgeous bucket of beer that would make eyes sparkle and mouths smile or whatever, right?

The Bobbing for Berry (225) is one of Tipsy Pig’s Signature Cocktails that has that sweet yummy taste which is of kettle one, crème de cacao, and fresh strawberry.

Meanwhile, the Ron-dezvous (225) is another Signature Cocktail of Tipsy Pig and this one is of vodka, apple juice, and tonic water which is such a great choice of a drink.

Tipsy Pig is not only great for friends, but also with family, because it speaks of a relaxed backdrop perfect for everyone to enjoy each and every meal of theirs as the place takes pride in the modish and comfy space that hands down entices all the guests to frequent dining in, drinking up, and hanging out.

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