No to Drama, Yes to Hungry Daruma: Don’t cry about it. Have your Japanese cravings delivered!

Need of a quick fix to your Japanese cravings? Well, we found Hungry Daruama which is a Japanese Food Delivery Online Store offering Japanese fusion and authentic dishes for your tastebuds to take pleasure in. From appetizers to donburis, from baked sushis to desserts, Hungry Daruma sure has your back.

As we were looking for something that would provide us comfort and at the same time could make our merienda lovelier and tastier, we were not able to help ourselves and get two from Hungry Daruma’s drool-worthy menu — one to satisfy our savory cravings and one to fill our sweet tooth.

That being said, we first had our moment with Hungry Daruma’s Baked Spicy Beef Tamagoyakiniku which comes in Small Tray alongside 1 nori pack (1 to 2 pax Php 499), Medium Tray alongside 2 nori packs (2 to 4 pax Php 850), and Large Tray alongside 3 nori packs (5 to 9 pax Php 1600).

This variant of sushi bake by Hungry Daruma is an easy fave, especially when you are up for a play of spice. If you want to add 100g beef, just add Php 60; while for an additional nori pack, add Php 50.

After taking our time with Hungry Daruma’s Baked Spicy Beef Tamagoyakiniku, we then had our way with their 5″ Japanese Jiggly Cheesecake (Buy One Take One Php 800). This adorable dessert has just the right sweetness to it. Also, it is soft and jiggly, so expect a fun and delightful merienda indeed.

Hungry Daruma is ready to fill your tummies with their Japanese dishes from Monday to Sunday, 11AM to 7PM. Don’t forget to visit their Facebook and Instagram pages for more deatils, like their Order Form.

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