Nostalgia Hits: Relive your childhood as you lick your way through this ice cream!

Just recently, The Lost brought us their famous Choc Nut, Haw Haw, and Blue Vanilla ice cream in pints so we could beat the heat at the comforts of our own lovely homes. However, if you thought they will stop tickling your childhood memories with all that, then you throught wrong, because this another item will have riding another huge and fun wave of memories. Their newly-released pint of 90’s Kids Mix is everything a 90s Kid is all about – made with vanilla ice cream as base, drizzled with sparkles, dashed with marshmallows, and oh, topping this pint with the ultimate 90s Kids snack is none other than iced gems!

Image by The Lost Bread

If you are not familiar with Iced Gem, then we just want to ask if you… What was your childhood like? Are you okay? Just kidding! Iced Gems are those adorable, tiny, round biscuits topped with hardened, colorful icing-like treats that melts in your mouth!

Photo by The Lost Bread

But then again, that’s not the only new thing that The Lost Bread has come up with, because they also have four other new ice cream pints that are worth the rave, too: their Mango Graham is exactly what you think it is as it is of mango ice cream, graham crackers, and yellow mango bits; their Milk and Cookies is your feel-good midnight snack all mashed into a delectable ice cream as this one is of crushed chocolate chip cookies in white chocolate ice cream; their Fun Fair Popcorn is what a theme park would probably taste like if it is turned into an ice cream as this one is of vanilla ice cream, caramel popcorn, and chocolate popcorn; and lastly, their Brown Sugar Milk Tea is basically your 24/7 craving all rolled into an pint as this one is of Okinawa milk tea-flavored ice cream base with the addition of brown sugar pearls.

Photo by The Lost Bread

Imagine all that! You know what you don’t actually have to imagine, because you can have yours at home as you can place your orders by filling up this order form or call (0917) 821-2111.

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*Featured Image by The Lost Bread

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