NOT JUST A GENTLEMAN’s DRINK: Paving the way for the new generation of whiskey appreciation with Whiskey Live

We all have an idea of what whiskey is. I’m sure that you’ve heard of Johnnie Walker or Chivas Regal, maybe you’ve drank your fair share of them the last time you went out drinking or clubbing. Maybe you’ve seen whisky in shows and television like James Bond and Suits, where both showed different variations of the famous Macallan whisky. A drink ordered when beer or any other spirit isn’t special enough. Whiskey has been decorated as a drink of class and prestige, but there’s more to the world of whiskey than just the alcohol. Have you noticed that I used two different spellings of whiskey? Well both of them are correct, and this is just one of the things you will learn when you dive in deeper into the culture of whiskey. Making whiskey culture more accessible to everyone, if you’re of legal age to consume alcohol and interested in whiskey culture, ladies and gentlemen let me introduce to you Whiskey Live Philippines.

Last October 3 2019, they invited Suntory Philippines to present two of their newest products that will soon be available to us, and we were one of the lucky few who got to try it out first. Maker’s Mark, a Kentucky based bourbon whiskey, was the first to grace our tables. A light and sweet whiskey contradictory to its strong scent. An easy whiskey for beginners, interesting enough to please enthusiasts, and can be enjoyed by anyone in any social gathering. Next was Roku Gin, their newest gin offering. The drink was simply sublime from start to finish. A drink that’s supposed to accentuate the four seasons of Japan from the scent to the taste, did so in such an elegant and graceful manner. The gin wasn’t harsh on the tongue or throat, nor was it overly bitter. It was literally like the colors of summer, spring, autumn, and winter were coating the insides of my mouth with every sip. If you’re looking for the perfect gin for that next gin and tonic, I highly recommend you try Roku Gin.

Aside from the amazing new products from Suntory Philippines, we have also been enlightened about a lot of things about the beautiful culture of whiskey. There are aspects of the whiskey scene that goes beyond different spellings. Things like where the whiskey was made or what it was made of are just examples of what makes them different from each other. This could be better explained to you by avid whiskey enthusiasts, so for now I’m just here to steer you into their direction. Whiskey Live is an organization built by enthusiasts for enthusiasts. Their goal is to grow the whiskey culture here in the Philippines, making it more inclusive to a wider variety of people. Their target is to get more of the younger generation to appreciate whiskey not just as an alcoholic drink, but as a drink that exudes emotion and art. They want to strip away the exclusivity of whiskey, the ideology that whiskey can only be enjoyed by certain people and should only be enjoyed a certain way.

Going back to the topic of inclusivity, Whiskey Live also seeks to attract more women into the scene. Whiskey culture and the whiskey community have always been male-dominated for the longest time making it seem like it should only be a “gentlemen’s drink”. Whiskey Live wants to break this fad, believing that women can enjoy whiskey to the same capacity as men. And this does not only apply to women as whiskey enthusiasts, but also women in the alcohol industry as well. As one of the female ambassadors of Suntory Philippines said; “I am a woman in a man’s world, but I feel right at home.” There’s more that Whiskey Live wants to share about the world of whiskey and they’re inviting everyone who is interested to come to their annual event, Whiskey Live Manila 2019 on October 18 and 19 at The Grand Hyatt, Bonifacio Global City. Featuring dozens of whiskey variants from premium whiskey brands, exciting bar shows from the top 5 bars in the country, and a chance to go around and talk with renowned whiskey experts, this event would surely open up the gates for those looking to explore the world of whiskey. So join us as we raise our glencairn glass and follow Whiskey Live as they usher in the new generation of Filipino whiskey enthusiasts.

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