Not only about that jiggly fun: Jim’s Recipe is not a Worldwide Trending Cake for nothing and it is for you to find out and love as well

If you are looking for a bang for your buck that is freshly baked everyday with the finest ingredients they could find, Jim’s Recipe will have your heart in no time.

This worldwide trending cake is actually a Malaysian brand that has their fellow Asian countries goin’ crazy, queueing for hours and hours and hours on end, each and every day, especially here in the Philippines, ever since thay have their grand opening just last March 31, 2019.

Claiming to be the only bakery that serves fresh from the oven then straight to the customer, Jim’s Recipe is particularly selling three variants of their world-famous sponge cakes or castella cakes here in the Philippines which are their Original flavor, their Cheese flavor, and their Chocolate flavor.

With each sponge cake being 12 x 20 centimeters, Filipinos are truly pumped up about it because it definitely is shareable! Plus, the taste of each variant was tweaked a bit to catch the leaning-to-sweet palate of Pinoys, without of course losing their touch to their oeiginal recipe, so you certain are to have the best of the best.

Their Original Flavor (Php 180) is truly sporting that classic taste that has gotten them where they are now – which is around the world, so if you are up to have their flagship, this one is the one!

But then again, if you are a proud cheese fanatic just like us, their Cheese Flavor (Php 250) will have your mind, body, and soul agreeing to the one ultimate factor… and that is its cheesy goodness.

And for their lastest addition, better call everybody dear to you that are shameless chocoholics like us again, and start digging into their Chocolate Flavor (Php 250) that would have your hearts by hook, line, and sinker.

These worldwide trending cakes of Jim’s Recipe that is sure to be making a noise for quite some time can last for three days without refrigeration, while seven days for when it is refrigerated. Do take note though that it still going to be best eaten and experienced the moment it has been given to you straight from their powerful oven, so keep it stored at your own risk.

Also, let’s all keep our eyes on them as they will be opening a bunch of branches around Metro Manila, hopefully with a few more addition of various variants that will indeed be light, fluffy, and yummy like these first three!

Jim’s Recipe is located at Mall of Asia

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