Noukou Ramen is here to keep your ramen cravings in check!

Did we hear you say “Ramen!”? If we did, then today is your lucky day, because we got you Noukou Ramen, a ramen store ready to get your tummy full and happy! Serving artisanal bowls of ramen with broth that was cooked for 72 hours with the best ingredients that are all sourced locally and internationally, so it is no surprise why people find Noukou Ramen’s products oh-so-flavorful.

With the a promise of giving their customers an authentic ramen experience, Noukou Ramen have come up with a selection that would bring the taste of Japan right at their doorstep. Their Shoyu Tonkotsu Ramen (Php 280) is a bold and rich soy based pork bone broth served with an assortment of toppings. Going for this will never disappoint you!

Another choice that won’t ever be a disappointment is their Shio Tori-Paitan Ramen (Php 280) which is a light but filling roasted chicken broth served with vegetable and onsen tamago. Truly, a scrumptious choice when you want something subtle and yummy to tease your taste buds.

Lastly, if you want more vegetables to munch on, you can also have some of their Kutchay Wasabi Dumplings (Php 220) which come in 12 pieces, pan-fried, and served with black vinegar and chilies. This one is perfect for when you want to have that extra punch!

Noukou Ramen really is ready to give you that heavenly bowl of ramen you so deserve, so get excited, because they sure would be able to live up to your expectations. To order, you can send your order form through their Social Meda Channels – Faceook and Instagram – and you can have your orders delivered through Lalamove, Grab, Mr. Speedy, and JoyRide.

Do keep in mind that their Ramens should be consumed immediately upon delivery, because each and every element is at its best when handed over to you. To enjoy your Noukou Ramen choice, remember to reheat, rearrange, pour, and enjoy!

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