Obsessions by Simeon: Do we love it? More like obsessed with it!

Our love for cheesecakes is no secret. We have told you this a dozen of times. Sometimes we think if we could still call it love, because it seems to have grown into an obsession — or maybe we are just overthinking it.

Anyway, we found a cheesecake place that got our heads wrapped around it, our hearts swooning over it, and our mouths watering for it. Obsessions by Simeon has gotten more than just our attention as they have a lot of cheesecake creations in their menu.

The thing is, their cheesecakes are a whole different level. They even call their cheesecakes “Elevated Cheesecakes”, because they sure are not the classic cheesecakes we get to see and have in cafes for when we need something to pair with our drink. Don’t get us wrong, Obsessions by Simeon also has the classic ones, the ones that most of us are familiar with, but what we got from them were very different.

First up: their Bibingka Cheesecake. Bibibgka is a well-known Filipino delicacy that is often seen and indulged in during the Holiday season. However, Obsessions by Simeon has merged it with cheesecake, hence their Bibingka Cheesecake has been born! You can get this one from Obsessions by Simeon as a Whole Cake (Baked Cheesecake 7″ Php 849), as a Tin Can Cake (6″ × 2″ Php 499), and as a Cheesecake Sampler (Baked Cheesecake 3.5″ × 1.5″ Tin Can Php 230).

Next to that is their Milktea Cheesecake. Milktea has been raved one too many times. There are even different milktea brands around the metro or probably even wherever you are. This delectable, addicting beverage has caught so much attention that Obsessions by Simeon has made a version of theirs in cheesecake form. Their Milktea Cheesecake is available as a Whole Cake (No Bake Cheesecake 6″ Php 650 | 7″ Php 799), as a Tin Can Cake (6″ × 2″ Php 499), and as a Cheesecake Sampler (No Bake Cheesecake 3.5″ × 1.5″ Tin Can Php 200).

Obsessions by Simeon really will make you obsessed with their cheesecakes, just like it did us. See more of what you could get obsessed with from them and visit their Facebook and Instagram Pages.

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