Of a chocolatey story: Argao Guilang Tableya is more than just cacao

Stories and heritage — those are what Argao Guilang Tableya is all about. They are more than just cacao. They know that every tablea carries more than just an aromatic flavor of chocolate. Argao Guilang Tableya is about sharing their story, having a vision, and providing a sensory experience that is about chocolate.

Started from a home backyard with a vision to provide for her family, Argao Guilang Tableya now is a business that has its own factory, helping out local cacao farmers while making the tableya with artisan and traditional process. Indeed, Argao Guilang Tableya is a brand that started from a simple cacao and now embodies a distinct Filipino taste that is loved by many.

Currently, their products are available in tubes and pouches. Their Premium Paper Tube comes in Small (200g Php 138), Medium (330g Php 219), and Large (400g Php 275). While their Premium Paper Pouch comes in Small (200g Php 119) and Medium (335g Php 169).

Their products can be used and enjoy in an array of delicious ways. From drinks like Hot Chocolate or even Ice Blended, to yummies such as baked goodies and even Champorado, Argao Guilang Tableya can no doubt make your day worthwhile.

Argao Guilang Tableya is indeed a sensory experience of taste and smell. It has a fine chocolatey texture, a smoothness that lingers and glides on your tastebuds, and an aroma that exudes peace, making you feel at ease, comfortable, and at home.

Truly, Argao Guilang Tableya could make wonders to your everyday living. Indulge in their promise of a chocolatey sensory experience and visit their Facebook and Instagram Pages to know more.

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