Of Aunthentic Pho & Vietnamese Coffee: Vinatrang Cuisine is the one to be in!

Missing Vietnam, the taste of authentic Vietnam food, and with a passion for cooking, Vina Trang started her own restaurant with the aim to just introduce Vietnamese cuisine and healthier, but still yummy food to Filipinos. As she only started all this in a rather small place, VinaTrang Restaurant had a rough start in regards to the location as diners actually fell in love with the food easily.

However, two years ago, they finally opened at Century City Mall, and since then, many people even got to dine with them and their has continued to grow, giving people the authentic Vietnamese food they actually deserve and no doubt enjoy.

With a cozy and casual set up alongside comfy seating options, diners will sure find themselves slurping and munching happily on their choices of yummies starting with VinaTrang’s Fresh Spring Roll (Piece Php 75) that is of rice vermicelli, wansoi, basil, shrimp, wrapped inside rice wrapper, and comes with peanut dipping sauce.

Another spring roll to try here at VinaTrang is their Fried Spring Roll (3 pieces Php 155) which comes with three different dips, namely Vietnamese hoisin, sriracha, and vietnamese fish sauce; and the right way to eat this one is to wrap it with lettuce, dip it, and enjoy!

Of course, as VinaTrang is of authentic Vietnamese cuisine, banh mi is also available here – and in different variants, too! Don’t miss out on their Grilled Beef Banh Mi (Php 175) as well as their Traditional Patties Banh Mi (Php 175). VinaTrang actually does their own banh mi in their commissary, so if you want to take a bite of that crispy-on-the-outside-soft-on-the-inside goodness, VinaTrang banh mi offerings are the way.

And finally, no need to wait any longer because here’s what people really go here for – authentic Vietnamese pho! If it’s your first time to try pho, going for their House Special Pho (Php 315) is absolutely a great thing to do, because this one is a classic you will love to keep coming back to; and if you want an adventure for your tastebuds, better sip and slurp on their newest addition, their Spicy Seafood Pho (Php 425) that is loaded with fresh seafood like squid and shrimp – such yum in every mouthful!

To amp up this authentic Vietnamese cuisine experience, all thanks to VinaTrang, better grab a few glasses of their beverages such as Black Iced Coffee (Php 135) and Hot Coffee (Php 135) which both have strong kicks, so if you are all drained and tired, these ones will energize you in no time!

Creating everything from scratch to be able to give their diners the ultimate authentic Vietnamese cuisine experience, VinaTrang sure is on top in regards to quality, so if you are a sucker for that, then rejoice, because they soon will be bringing all that to Assembly Grounds at The Rise! They also have a lot in their pipeline like delivery and even party trays, so watch out for those as well!

Follow Vinatrang Cuisine on their Social Media pages

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/vinatrangcuisine/

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/vinatrang_cuisine/

Address: Lower Grounds, Century City Mall, Kalayaan Ave, Makati, 1210 Metro Manila

Contact Number: 0995 178 0676

Hours of Operation: Monday to Sunday 9AM to 9PM

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