Of basketball, booze, burgers, and more: Buendia Food by The Court brings delicious fun on your plate

Conveniently located along Sen. G. Puyat Avenue in Palanan, Makati, The Buendia Food by the Food Court is a food park with a fantastic vibe going on filled with fantastic food as well as drinks which leads to happy tummies making diners happy as well.

If basketball, booze, and more than just burgers are your kind of thing, then The Buendia Food by The Court is your delicious haven of milk and honey, like your promise land, so to say. This food park is filled with stalls exquisitely curated to go well together all the while making sure there is something for everyone – an idea inspired from the true sense of being a community.

With its second floor having a roof deck, taking in the beautiful sight that is the Makati cityscape is just the icing on top of the cupcake which is the totality of the wonderful space!

That being said, let us dig into this cupcake even more and see what food, drinks, and whatnot we can actually devour. Starting with some delectable grilled dishes that are cooked and served every night by Rouche Grille. From hot plate sizzlers to steaks, Rouche Grille has something just for you to eat up and delight in.

T-Bone Steak
Bacon Mushroom Melt
Aglio Olio

Be sure to try out their T-Bone Steak, Bacon Mushroom Melt, and Aglio Olio because eating all this was surely a fun time we will always cherish; as the food were not only great tasting, but was enjoyed with great company as well.

Following that with Shaka Hana which actually means to just hang loose, much like just chill, especially with your family because Hana is basically short for family; this wonderful concept will get you relaxed in no time.

Pika Bowl

Hang Loose
Mochiko Chicken

Shaka Hana is the first food venture of Aristotle del Rosario; surely this food stall is serving well-thought of, nutritious food, much like the Tobiko, which is similar to caviar and is being used in the exquisitely beautiful cuisine that is the Japanese cuisine. You should also give their Mochiko Chicken, Pika Bowl, and Hang Loose a shot because everything is just so worth it!

Onto the freshest ingredients that is hard to beat and can only be found in one tasty, gorgeous plate; Buendia Food by The Court has Rojak Salad which basing from its name, you’d think it offers salad  and you are not at all wrong!

Signature Rojak Salad
Veggie and Fruits Salad

The Signature Rojak Salad is such a classic dish of theirs and we know how nothing can actually beat the classic. Well, they can try but it would be hard, for sure. Another dish is the Veggie and Fruits Salad which is a plate filled with crunchy veggies and fun fruits.

After that, the Little Kodo highlights the sharp and the beautiful cuisine that is of Japanese and everyone knows how many people crave for Japanese dishes because of its yumminess – including us because Japanese dishes are actually some sort of our very own comfort food!

Chicken Karaage
Salmon Teriyaki

What we recommend you try out are their Salmon Teriyaki, Korokke, and Chicken Karaage which would fly your palate to the Land of the Rising Sun.

Digging more into Asian cuisine, it is not only music and drama being the reasons for the undeniable known Korean invasion, because Korea surely is proud of their scrumptious dishes as well.


RJ’s Korean Bowlgogi has placed a few on our table by serving Dolsot Bibimbap, RJ’s Ramyeong, Japchae, and Tteokolki which are hands down all good – texture wise and taste wise.

The next food concept that apparently has an array of food choices anyone would either be daunted of or be excited about as they know they will be ending up delighted anyway is what they call Mad Subs.

Sandwich and Soda Float Comb

Having a Katsu Platter and a Sandwich and Soda Float Combo is a smart tactic to enjoy some snacks even more – some being eaten with spoon and fork which has earned a spot on the not-so-talk-about norms in this worlds; while others being a hand-held treat, Mad Subs got you covered and so it is not a problem anymore.

More for some quick bites with the gang, with the fambam, and/or even with your special guest, this next food concept is best in deliciously frying up food such as Kraken which basing from its name is packed with crunch fun, and the other dish was the Squid Nuggets which we cannot deny how much it is one of our faves!

And of course, with a bunch of different food variants within Buendia Food by The Court, Burgers Meet Wings (BMW) is hands down a must-try if you take immense pleasure in deliciously experiencing tender and crisp chicken meat, along some yummy beef patties.

BMW Overload
BMW Barkada Platter

BMW Barkada Set

With that, we suggest you take more than just a bite in regards to the scrumptious dishes we had which are the BMW Overload, BMW Barkada Set, and BMW Barkada Platter because everything is just gobble-down ready!

Buendia Food by The Court is open with so much more than just an embrace of awesome food, amazing drinks, and fun-filled memories, which are leaning more into food ventures and ball games, from 5PM to 12 PM every day of every month just waiting for you, for your friends, and for your family to be pampered by them.

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