Of Clouds and Berries: Hearts and Bells is here to treat you right!

Hearts and Bells is all about offering delectable cakes and goodies that are perfect for holidays and special occasions ever since they opened in 1997. However, don’t think twice from getting a cake from them when you just feel like it, because everyday is an opportunity to turn something normal into something special, so why not turn a typical day into a special day by digging into some yummy creations by Hearts and Bells, right?

Got no clue what to go for with Hearts and Bells? Well fret not, our darling, because we got you! We always got you! You sure will love these two wonderful cakes by Hearts and Bells as we were not able to stop ourselves from having slice after slice, until all we had was their empty cake coaster and box.

If you really want something that says Hearts and Bells all over, the best cake to go for is their Chocolate Cake with Strawberries, Blueberries, and Grapes (8” x 5” Php 2200). This one is an OG cake offering of theirs as its recipe has been around ever since they have launched 23 years ago, and perfected over the years! This one is also the perfect treat for when you are going to break your diet as it is of chocolate ganache cake with coffee filling, and topped with the freshest berries they could get their hands on.

After having a classic, you better give yourself the chance to try something that is somehow one of their recent creations, too – their Ube Cloud Cake (8” x 3” P 950 | 8” x 5” P 1,800). Its pretty look would have you thinking whether or not to eat it or keep it, but we say, eat it! This fluffy chiffon cake with generous layers of ube halaya as well as ube whipped cream with purple ombre swiss meringue buttercream flowers as topping, will indeed give you a feel of being on the clouds and having a delicious time at that!

Do take note that their Ube Cloud Cakes are made in small batches on Saturdays and Sundays in order to ensure that it is of topnotch quality. Also, Hearts and Bells are open for customized cakes, so if you want a certain cake design or a certain cake in a much larger size, just drop them a message on their Facebook and Instagram Pages.

You can also reach them by simply calling (02) 242 0599, (02) 244 0255, (02) 938 4046, 0917 537 9388, or 0922 866 9777; or email them at sales@heartsandbellscakes.com or at inquiry@heartsandbellscakes.com

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