Of great music and fine spirits: Experience Premium Lounge, Experience Studio 28


Outside, you will be intrigued, but don’t get intimidated. Knock on that huge, red door – go ahead.


Be sure to hold onto your jaws upon entering because you will be awe-strucked of what is actually waiting for you inside. Intricately designed, the interior of this place is to die for. A gigantic chandelier hanging from the center of the ceiling, pillars on the sides of the room, couches alluring you for an embrace, this place screams sophistication and elegance altogether.





Studio 28 is your new premium lounge in Bonifacio Global City. Bringing over the NYC vibe home to Manila through their posh design, delightful menu, and a refined live music experience partnered with beautiful Stage Sessions, Studio 28 is offering specially crafted gin cocktails and select premium spirits.


Starting our night of good music, let’s go try out Studio 28’s Spam Fry (Php 375). It is crisp, breaded French fry cut spam with their signature dip.


Following that is Ox Tongue Salpicao (Php 360) which is tender ox tongue stir fried with lots of garlic and their special salpicao sauce.


If you are feeling to have a hold of some food, then order Studio 28’s Tuna Tare Tare in Fried Bao Buns (Php 395), it is fresh tuna, diced and tossed together with their special sauce and roasted sesame dressing served in fried bao buns.


After having those tuna-filled bao buns, you might still want to have more tuna, right? If that’s the case, then grab yourself their Grilled Tuna in Coconut Broth (Php 390). This one is grilled fresh tuna in a savory coconut milk sauce served with a side of toast.


Now, this next dish is no doubt a favorite – Pulled Pork Tacos (Php 360). It’s slow cooked pork in their house-blend barbecue sauce, served in a mini tortilla and topped with mango chutney and fresh salsa.


For more spam and a heavier filling, get some Spam and Egg on Pesto Rice. This one is a new addition to their lovely food choices. It is a plate of pesto rice, served with crispy breaded spam, and sunny side up egg.


Next dish is called Seafood Pasta in Coconut Cream (Php 395) and we are not going to deny how this one stole our hearts as well. This one is a light pasta dish consisting of a medley of fresh seafood in savory coconut cream.


If that’s not enough seafood for you, then order this beautiful dish that is Baked Oysters (Php 430). The oysters were baked with Studio 28’s homemade alfredo sauce. With that, we want to tell you that this dish is one of our faves as well.


For a lighter meal, have Studio 28’s Salmon Ceviche (Php 385). It’s fresh salmon loin with mango salsa. This one has that sharp freshness flavor of the salmon to it, plus the sweetness of the mango which balances the whole dish.


This last one comes with fish once again – the Smoked Fish Pasta (Php 385). It is a spicy oil based dish topped with smoked fish, fresh tomato, herbs, and garnished with lots of garlic and chili.

Studio 28 hasn’t officially been opened to the public yet, but they have been holding private functions so far – and from what we have heard and well, experienced, this place has been making some noise in regards to how great Studio 28 is as a host, so get yourself ready to not only experience premium lounge, but enjoy stunning music as well.


















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