Ineng’s Special BBQ: More than just the old-fashioned, best-tasting barbecue in town you have always known

Ineng’s Special BBQ has been marked in the hearts of the Filipinos for a long time now, almost a double decade if not already, and that speaks volumes and not surprising at all as they are known for their oh-so-tasty flagship dish which is no other than their barbecue.

As time pass by, Ineng’s Special BBQ has been making sure their game is up to date, just like how they are currently on the process of updating their menu and their interiors to welcome more millennial diners and make them extra comfortable and at home.

With Ineng’s Special BBQ revamp going on, of course nothing can still beat the classics – one of which is their Ineng’s Pinakbet (Php 225) which is a best seller of theirs and is good for 2 to 3 people. With a serving of fresh vegetables, pork and shrimp sautéed in premium “bagoong alamang” served on top of a grilled eggplant, this dish is truly a must-try!

Other best sellers of theirs that are a complete meal set are their Greatest Hit meals such as their Greatest Hit 1 (Php 189) which is a hefty plate of one piece special pork bbq on 12” stick with ensaladang talong, as well as their Greatest Hit 5 (Php 209) that is irresistibly good and is a hearty order of one piece special pork bbq on 12” stick with lumpiang sariwa.

For a taste of their new addition, better try out their Binukadkad na Tilapia (Php 279) which is a dish famous in Ilocos. This one is a plate of two pieces of breaded tilapia with crunchy, green veggies namely eggplant and okra that is best dipped in either toyomansi or “bagoong alamang” or even both!

And of course, as Ineng’s Special BBQ is actually a family place, a great celebratory pair is their trademark dish, their barbecue, and their pancit bilao which you can both get with their Super Value Package (SVP A good for 10 people Bihon Php 1159 / Canton Php 1259 / Mixed Php 1179 | SVP B good for 20 people Bihon Php 2259 / Canton Php 2469 / Mixed Php 2339 | SVP C good for 30 people Bihon Php 3349 / Canton Php 3679 / Mixed Php 3399) that is filled with all the yum goodness one can delight in.

Lastly, with summer coming in sooner rather than later, Ineng’s Special BBQ  has a heavenly sweet treat for their diners which is their Halo-Halo (Php 129)! This one being a bestseller and splendidly sumptuous is a generous hodgepodge of childhood favorites, including ube ice cream, langka strips, sweetened beans & banana, chewy tapioca, premium leche flan, with finely shaved ice & our special mix of creamy milk!

Ineng’s Special BBQ is truly a celebration of not only the Filipino cuisine, but specifically being a Filipino itself. From their products to their staff and crew that exercise the magiliw service they are proud of, Ineng’s Special BBQ has got their diners returning to them each and every day.

As they have claimed to be the best barbecue in town, their new goal that they will surely achieve is to be the number one barbecue in the Philippines, especially as their barbecue is really special because they use only prime meat and the only one who knows and does the marination of it is Ineng herself, their founder and at the same time their president.

The wait for each dish is totally worth it because everything is made from scratch and made fresh – from all their dishes and drinks, and even down to their own condiments, everything is homemade. That being said, Ineng’s Special BBQ also has a new product line which is their homegrown cuisine and you have got to have not only a taste of it, but totally a fill of it!

Ineng’s Special BBQ has a lot of branches not only around the metro, but also in some provincial areas which is great because no matter where you are and whatever event you want to do, they can definitely cater for you with an on-site grilling, frying, or whatever cooking technique that needs to be done.

They also really have a lot of surprises in store for you that is perfect for the celebration of togetherness and self-love whether it is a family legacy or a simple hang out session with long-time and new-found pals.

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