Of Revolutionizing Pinoy Food: Drop your itak and grab your spoon and fork because you are up for a delectable feast here at KKK!

With an intriguing name, KKK has brought a lot of confusion to their diners as to what their brand actually means. Well, as they have first started in West Avenue, KKK simple means Kainan sa Kalye Kanluran which translates into a Dining Place in the West Side. In the hopes of finally putting that confusion to rest, what their diners were never confused of was that as to what they are actually serving.

KKK points the spotlight to different Pinoy classics and faves all around the country, making sure that islands have their own identifying dish that their diners would enjoy especially they try their best to keep everything authentic so as to provide a genuine filipino dining experience.

Sinuglaw (Php 190)
Sisig Bangus (Php 240)

Speaking of filipino dining experience, no doubt, we are known for having a delectable feast and that is why most of the food here in KKK are actually for sharing. Also, in lieu of that, start with a few of KKK’s appetizers such as the Sinuglaw (Php 190) which is of fresh tuna and diced grilled liempo marinated in vinegar and coconut milk, and the Sisig Bangus (Php 240) which is crispy bangus flakes on creamy sisig sauce.

Sinigang na Hipon (Php 450)

After that you can have  taste of their delectable Sinigang na Hipon (Php 450) which is a hearty bowl of shrimp in tamarind soup or have a fill of a Bicol classic which is the Laing sa Gata (Php 220) that is a yummy plate of taro leaves (dahon ng gabi) with tofu simmered in coconut milk with chili.

Pla-Pla sa Gata (Php 370)

For more saucy adventure, dig into their tasty Pla-Pla sa Gata (Php 370) which is tilapia (pla-pla) with pechay and bell pepper cooked in coconut milk and seasoned with curry or their flavorful Krispy Boneless Bangus sa Manggang Hinog Sarsa (Php 350) which is of crispy milkfish (boneless bangus), turnips (singakamas), and celery tossed in ripe mango puree.

Kaldereta ni San Miguel (Php 400)
Catfish Fillet with Sitaw (Php 280)

Other must-tries as well as must-haves here at KKK are their Lengua (Php 390) which is beef tongue and mushroom buttons slow-cooked in cream and mushroom sauce, their Kaldereta ni San Miguel (Php 400) which is a serving of beef chunks stewed in coconut milk and beer, and their Catfish Fillet with Sitaw (Php 280) which is of deep fried catfish and string beans sauteed in creamy chili paste.

Inihaw na Liempo, Bacon Cut (Php 270)
Ilokanong Bagnet (Php 350)

And of course, as Filipino dining experience is such a feast, you cannot and should not miss out on all the meatastic fun which you can delight in by having KKK’s Inihaw na Liempo, Bacon Cut (Php 270) which undeniably is a crowd favorite and their signature dish as this is of thinly sliced pork belly (liempo) marinated in KKK’s special sauces and grilled to perfection or KKK’s Ilokanong Bagnet (Php 350) which is of deep fried crispy pork with skin on, served with tomatoes, onions, and anchovies.

Banana Split (Php 179)

Ending this with more than just one sweet kiss, KKK has a bunch a desserts that would make your filipino dining experience even more fabulous. Their Banana Split (Php 179) which is a derive pleasure from this all-time favorite made enticing with Arcedairy’s strawberry, chocolate, and mantecado ice cream enveloped in banana halves, oozing with various sauces, crushed nuts, chocolate chips, and whipped cream is such a goodie!

Banana Fritters Ala Mode (Php 128

Meanwhile, KKK’s Banana Fritters Ala Mode (Php 128) is such a divine experience in every passionate bite of this immortal pinoy dessert (turon) with arcedairy’s mantecado ice cream drenched with chocolate syrup.

Halo Halo (Classic Php 128 | With Arcedairy Ice Cream Php 158)
Mais con Yelo

Last, but totally not the least, do not even hesitate into putting a spin off to your typical well-loved halo halo because you really have to give into sumptuous servings of KKK’s Kapampangan Halo Halo (Classic Php 128 | With Arcedairy Ice Cream Php 158) as well as their new and improved dessert that is making a come back which is the Mais con Yelo!

With all that, be sure to not miss out on and better dine with KKK for a sure fiestastic feast of a meal with your loved ones which can even be turned up a notch with their condiments such as Suka ng KKK (Php 70), Sinamak (Php 60), Bagoong (Php 75), and Pinakurat.

KKK has always given highlight to the genuine flavors all around the different islands of the Philippines, but of course, they, too, are revolutionizing it by not losing touch with authenticity, so you know you are experiencing the best of Pinoy dining with them.

Featured KKK Branch: Megamall

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