Of Rich Desserts & Coffee: Sugar Daddy Bakes is here to give you everything you desire

When it comes to Sugar Daddy Bakes, the richer, the better! Indeed, their selection of desserts is top-notch. We have only heard of praises about them, so we were really excited to have a taste of their must-love pieces such as their Cookies, Cheesecakes, Banana Loaves, and even Coffee!

We feel like to say that their New York Signature Cookies are a must-try is underrated as these ones are of a whopping 7 oz cookie made with 5 types of premium chocolates and loaded with roasted walnuts. Currently, Sugar Daddy bakes is offering two variants of this, the Penta Choco (Box of 4 Php 720 | Box of 8 Php 1350 | Box of 12 Php 2000) and the Classic (Box of 4 Php 720 | Box of 8 Php 1350 | Box of 12 Php 2000).

Next to that are their well-loved Banana Loaves that are available in seven flavors and each of it is sized at 8 inches! They are Classic (Php 240), Walnuts (Php 260), Almonds (PHp 260, PB Swirl (Php 260), Walnuts & Choco (Php 280), Almonds & Choco (Php 280), and Choco Overload (Php 280). Their Loaves can also be enjoyed by three as they have an offering called Banana Trio (Php 549) which people could choose any three flavors sized at 6 inches.

To bring the house down, Sugar Daddy Bakes very own Basque Burnt Cheesecakes will absolutely do the trick! These luscious pieces will definitely wow anyone, especially as this comes in three yummy flavors – the Classic (6 x 2 Php 549 | 8 x 2 Php 1099), the Ube (6 x 2 Php 599 | 8 x 2 Php 1199), and the Blueberry (6 x 2 Php 629 | 8 x 2 Php 1239).

And of course, downing all of this would be problem if there are no drinks in sight, so Sugar Daddy Bakes made sure they have that part covered too. They have bottled coffee up for grab as well and they call this Brewed. Currently, Brewed has six flavors and these are Cappuccino, Mocha, Latte, Salted Caramel, Macchiato, and Authentic Thai MT. Each bottle is sized at 350ml and is priced Php 129. Such a steal!

Sugar Daddy Bakes really has gone all out to express the sweetness and love they have through their baked goodies. Get loved up by Sugar Daddy Bakes by having their treats delivered to your doorstep. Visit their Facebook Page for more information.

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