Of Steaks & Cheers: Mi Cafe Padres is no longer just a cafe

Mi Café Padres has been making their diners – may it be loyals or new ones – not only full, but happily satisfied as well. They have been the talk of the town ever since they have opened two years ago, only as just a supplementary establishment to their main business which was carwash. Who knew their cozy café would turn into so much more, grow into a full blown restaurant, and now even has a bar and steakhouse concept? Somehow, this was both a surprise and a not-so-surprise as really, Mi Café Padres, is being loved by many. As they have launched this extension part of theirs just a few months back, they wanted to be able to offer their customers something different than they already have – and that is none other than steaks!

Kicking this off, we started with some of their appetizers such as the Duo Platter: Cold Cuts and Cheese (Php 458) which is a luscious serving of dry cured ham, Milano, Napoli salami, gruyere cheese, ementhal cheese, fontal cheese with fresh grapes, nuts and olives; the Crispy Pata (Php 595) which is a hearty platter of traditional fried and spiced, crispy knuckle served with pata sauce; and the Spicy Spare Ribs (Php 290) which was of fried pork ribs with Asian honey spicy sauce, an easy favorite, so to say.

Next, piping hot from their grill was their T-Bone Steak (Php 899) that got our mouths watering with even just its looks and scent. This plate of meatastic dish was something really worthwhile as each bite of it was oozing with not only flavor, but also with tenderness.

In addition to that meaty goodness, we added a side that was a great munch, indeed! The Potato Croquettes (Php 320) was balls of potato, milk, onion, and chives, giving us that enjoyable crunch and mush textures we delighted in.

Pasta Negra (Php 279)

Carbing this food journey with Mi Café Padres’ extension that is of bar and steakhouse, we had some tasty slurp action with one of their pasta variants, specifically their Pasta Negra (Php 279) which is of spaghetti noodles, squid ink, and fried calamari with baguette bread.

Last, but def not the least is Mi Café Padres’ 4 Cheese Pizza (Php 380) that is made with cheddar cheese, parmesan cheese, feta cheese, along buffalo cheese. Really, this one is a heaven to all cheesy lovers and pizza fanatics. You know what, this one is a food heaven regardless if you love cheese and pizza, so better get a taste of this.

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Address: 1-A Manuel L. Quezon St., San Pablo City, Laguna

Contact Number: 0977 284 0221

Hours of Operation: Monday to Sunday 7AM to 10PM

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