Of Sunset & Good Food: Lion’s Bar is all ready to give you more than just a good time

The island life may be far different from the city life, but that does not mean they don’t have the party and night life! They may be of a different vibe, but they sure know how to have fun, too!

El Nido is such a beautiful island with different dining spots that locals and tourists have found themselves falling in love with – one of which is their sunset. That scene certainly is picturesque and unforgettable and that’s exactly one of the many things that diners at Lion’s Bar rave about. With an al fresco option just by the balcony on their second floor, diners try their best to be the first people to reserve that seat just to be able to enjoy the company of their loved ones over great food, yummy drinks, and yes, the oh-so-gorgeous sunset.

As Lion’s Bar is obviously a bar, you might want to tease your way into their nomnoms and start with the fun by sipping on some of their refreshing and delectable Cocktails and Signature Cocktails such as their Sex on the Beach (Php 250), Mojito (Php 250), as well as Blue El Nido (Php 300)!

Pair those revitalizing drinks with a classic pulutan among Pinoys – Sisig. Lion’s Bar has quite a number of Sisig variants and you won’t regret ordering even two or three of it, we are telling you! They have Pork Sisig (Php 300), Beef Teriyaki Sisig (Php 300), Squid Sisig (Php 300), Shrimp Sisig (Php 300), and Tuna Sisig (Php 300). All these are served sizzling and of course, oh so delicioso!

Meanwhile, if the night is still young and you want to have dinner first, then go check out more of their dishes, because they have Sinigang (Php 200) which a savory sour-based Filipino soup, best paired with rice; Grilled Skewers (Php 350) which is one of their bestsellers; and Cheeseburger (Php 350) which is of 100% juicy beef patty, with cheese, fresh tomatoes, and lettuce, all sandwiched between buns.

Lion’s Bar is not only a great dining and drinking spot because of their vibe, the sunset, or even their savories and bevs, because they also have some desserts that are wowza. Their Caramelized Fruit in Sizzling Plate (Php 300) which are of fresh seasonal tropical fruits as well as their Banana Flambe (Php 300) which is of fresh banana fruit with sugar and rum are both great kisses of sweetness and passion.

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