Of Swift Service & Of Wonderful Crispy Pork Binagoongan: The Flying Pan is quick to spark some life by putting tasty dishes on your table


Radiating of elegance and class, The Flying Pan has discovered their food has potential back when they were just starting in Salcedo Market from which they have been able to establish an actual restaurant around the middle of 2014. From then on, The Flying Pan has been known of fast service without compromising not only the quality of the food they are serving, but of course, the taste especially.



Proud of having 74 seats to get comfy inside and 10 seating options outside for a more casual air, The Flying Pan is also known to be of a breakfast & brunch restaurant, opening as early as 6AM serving European dishes with a dash of Filipino cuisine.




With the owners being chefs themselves, no wonder this restaurant is serving great food alongside good times which surely struck the hearts of many.


Starting with The Flying Pan’s wings which has different flavors – Adobo Wings, Buffalo Wings, Inasal Wings, Lemon Pepper Wings, and Binagoongan Wings. What we got to try was the Lemon Pepper Wings (Php 200) which has tender meat, has a crunchy exterior, and has a pinch of zest and sour taste in every bite which makes the dish more enjoyable.


Following that is a dish fresh from The Flying Pan’s pizza oven, the Smoked Salmon and Arugula Pizza (Php 375) which is thin crust and topped with fresh, delightful salmon strips, eggs, arugula, onions, and olives. This one gives off a subtle taste of deliciousness that made us reach for it more.


Next would be a pasta dish that is no doubt oodles of noodles called Frutti di Mare (Php 260) which is a plate of pasta noodles tossed in yummy sauce and topped with fish, shrimp, red and green bell peppers, and white onions. We loved the spice and crunch brought by the bell peppers and the onions to the totality of this dish; it adds a little extra flavor to an already tasteful dish.

And of course, being a breakfast & brunch restaurant, it is just right to try some of The Flying Pan’s all day breakfast dishes which is in their Filipino All Day selection.


First is the one called Franco’s Breakfast (Php 410) which is actually sisig with a twist as this one is served with angus beef sisig that has chopped hash potatoes, alongside two bright fried eggs and of course, a mini bowl of their tasteful garlic rice.


Following that is another dish that is made with angus beef which is called Angus Beef Tapa (Php 415). This dish is packed with flavors that are of sweet and savory; comes with tender angus beef tapa, onions, two vibrant eggs, rice, and a side of veggies with bits of salted egg.


Feeling more at home than ever, this next dish from The Flying Pan’s Filipino All Day selection surely reminded us of fun, simpler mornings with our family as this meal is called Danggit (Php 295). This dish is served with really tasty and crispy danggit also known as dried rabbitfish, eggs, rice, and tomatoes. We loved how the fresh, juicy tomatoes bring balance to the flavor of the whole dish.


Highlighting and ending this delectable meal time with one of The Flying Pan’s bestsellers and specialties, the Crispy Pork Binagoongan (Php 310) is served in a bowl that is filled with crispy and at the same time succulent pork meat, tomatoes, and some green chilis tossed in sweet and salty bagoong, alongside a mini bowl of rice, which makes this the perfect way to go for not only a yummy dish, but a filling one as well.

Aside from The Flying pan having an All Day Menu, they also have a bar menu that we really suggest you take some time to look at as they are offering some really good tapas to munch on and some really delightful booze to quaff down.


One of the booze we got to try was the Amareto Sour (Php 200) which is a rejuvenating cocktail that is somehow of the color gold garnished with a lemon slice and a bright red cherry.

With that, we just want to add that The Flying Pan also has a Happy Hour from 5PM to 9PM which includes their cocktails, glass of wine, and local beers that are served zero because everyone loves a real cold drink in hand, right? *winks*

Also, if you are looking for an events place that is oozing with style and at the same comfort, The Flying Pan is open in catering your event needs. Rates depend on what day and time will the event be as the whole restaurant will be closed for that.

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