Of vivid light and date night: Check out this new, sexy, classy Mediterranean Restaurant in BGC called Noor


Do you have a special someone to celebrate the holidays with? Are you having a hard time thinking where you could bring that darling of yours?






Want to try something new and have a great date night? If you are on the same page as I, then I’ve got this really new, hip restaurant in BGC that would be perfect in setting a mood filled with sweetness and love.




Noor is a newly-opened, beautiful Mediterranean restaurant that is owned by an Israeli named Noor, who is also the head chef. The word “noor” actually means light, but in contradiction to that, the restaurant is actually sporting vivid lighting that would give you the intimate vibe you want to achieve for a wonderful date night. With an open kitchen upon entrance, this restaurant will surely pique your interest while serving you high-quality, delicious delicacies over get-to-know-me-betters or smooth-sailing-woo-moments.


To start, let’s first have some appetizing Cauliflower (Php 350). Deep fried with Caesar alioli, and parsley, this dish has the crunch fun and savory flavor that would really push the night forward together with both of you. I really loved the taste and crunch that my palate experienced with this dish, hence I’m calling this a favorite.


Following that is Lamb Baklava (Php 460) flavored with sesame dressing and raspberry sauce, and topped with bits of crunchy pistachio. This one has a flaky and crispy exterior, with a tasty and tender lamb meat inside. The blend of sesame dressing, raspberry sauce, and pistachio makes a nutty, bittersweet taste that both of you will surely delight in.


After that you can have an order of Moroccan Shrimps (Php 470) with slices of eggplant in tzatziki. This one is oozing with a mix of sourness and a kick of spice, while the shrimps are plump and fresh – a favorite, if you ask me.


The next one is a dish part of Noor’s On a Skewer selection, particularly the Chicken (Php 620) skewer served with Syrian rice. Spiced with cumin, paprika, and chili flakes, with grilled juicy tomatoes on the stick as well, this Chicken Skewers with Syrian rice is a flavorful dish altogether which makes it another favorite of mine.

Of course, one has to wash all those wonderful flavors down with some drinks and fortunately, Noor offers Signature Cocktails as well.


Fully imbibing that noor vibe, grab a glass of Noor (Php 380), which is made with gin, fresh basil, cucumber fresh lemon juice, and tonic water.  It’s a refreshing drink that would liven up your senses.


Next is Regina Spektor (Php 380) which is concocted with vodka, Campari, Cointreau, egg white, and orange. This one is a zesty, fruity drink that would bring more fun to your table.



And the last signature cocktail I got to try was the Gypsy Mango (Php 380). Finished with rum, organic mango liquor, fresh mango, and cilantro, this drink has a certain sweetness and sharpness to it which I totally enjoyed, making this the best for me among the ones I have tasted.

Now, this wouldn’t be a date night without a dash of sugar to sweeten more of your time together, right? Well, good thing Noor has some lovely desserts – two of which I was able to devour.


First was the Knafe (Php 390) which is shredded Phyllo pastry with kesong puti, fried with butter and rosewater syrup, plus topped with a scoop of yummy homemade yogurt ice cream. This one is like an a la mode but a little extra. With the feel of hot and cold fighting in my mouth, it is as if the dish was melting so perfectly with sweetness and savor.


The last dessert and dish for tonight was the Cracked Pie (Php 350). The pie, itself, was made with oatmeal, custard, egg, and honey, and served with cold whipped cream. This dish will surely give you a delightful ending to a splendid date night.

With all this, I could really say that Noor is certainly worthy of an experience, especially if that experience will be shared with someone important to you – may it be a hang with the gang, a chill lunch with the fam, a meeting with a client, or a fancy dinner date; so be sure to try this elegant Mediterranean restaurant that is a new addition in Burgos Circle.



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