Oh My, Siomai: Jetlay’s Kitchenette could help you with your siomai cravings for sure!

We know we just recently got some goodies from Jetlay’s Kitchenette, but we can’t help it, okay? We loved every bit of it, so we went back for another round. Our stocks at home just magically went poof—we have no idea what happened. Just kidding! We know we munched on them non-stop, that’s what happened.

Anyway, we are not here today to get judged, but to share with you guys our latest purchase from them, so stop with those judge-y look in your eyes, because we know you have been waiting for this too! Well, first thing’s first, we may only have gotten two dim sum choices from them this time, but that’s because we wanted to tease ourselves a bit this time.

Of course, we did not skip on their Pork Century Egg with Seawerds Siomai (Php 300 per 12 pieces), because as we have said before, this one is unlike any other Siomai we have tried. We never knew we will be able to enjoy some century egg goodness in a siomai until Jetlay’s Kitchenette came into our lives, so here we are going for another round of this delish dish! Remember, this one comes with chili sauce so our spicy loving selves are really satisfied!

Aside from that delish goodie, another siomai we had from Jetlay’s Kitchenette is none other than their Japanese Siomai (Php 220 per 12 pieces)! This one is actually one of their newest additions and we are so gald that they finally have this option. We are crabstick fans and of course, this Japanese Siomai has that, so yay for that! This one comes with a free chili sauce too, so love that for us, right?

Obviously, Jetlay’s Kitchenette had us swooning over them and their dim sum selection again, so if you want to have the same experience like we did, then better grab some of their dim sum too, if not all. Check out their Facebook and Instagram for more information

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