Oliva’s Baking Studio’s Ube Cream Cheese Naked Cake will have you drooling even in your dreams

If you will ask us if we have ever climbed up a tower, then our answer is no; but if by tower, you mean the famous tall cake from Oliva’s Baking Studio, then do know that we did more than just climbed it, we devoured it. That cake was just so scrumptious that we did not even waste time when we opened it. We just took some photos and then bam(!), we ate all of it.

You don’t know what we are talking about? Oof. Where have you been all this time, then? Just kidding! Oliva’s Baking Studio is well-loved for their homebaked desserts. People in Las Piñas are really lucky to have them in the area, for sure.

Currently, Oliva’s Baking Studio is highlighting their delectable cookies and of course, their crowd favorite cake, the one we called the famous tall cake, the Ube Cream Cheese Naked Cake (Php 935). This bestselling 4-layer 6″ tower cake is of a moist ube sponge cake with decadent cream cheese and addicting ube halaya in every layer. Indeed, this one is such a dream that anyone would be thinking about this even in their sleep.

Truly, this cake is one for the books and we surely will be adding this to our to-have-again list, because it’s just so good! It’s a wonderful starter for the day as it is also a splendid kiss to end the night. Plus, this one is also great for taking breaks. No doubt, this cake is awesome whenever. So delish!

That being said, give into your cravings today and book a slot at Oliva’s Baking Studio right now by filling out their Order Form, because they are running out fast. Visit their Facebook and Instagram pages for more details.

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