On going healthy: Enjoy a guilt-less breakfast as a Plant-Based Luncheon Meat will be available in the Philippines!

People have been wary of their health now more than ever. Well, that really happens when there is a pandemic happening and everyday is almost like an episode of Survivor. However, let’s not focus on that. With people being more conscious of their health, they also have been more conscious of the choices and decisions they are making.

Many have tweaked their lifestyle to an active one, believe it or not. Yoga Mats and other workout equipment are getting sold out as people started getting hooked with working out in order to have some movement going on even though they are just at home. Alongside that, people are checking out healthier food options, too!

Photo grabbed from Prime Pacific Foods Instagram Page

And with people going for a healthier lifestyle, Omnifoods announced that it has launched a plant-based luncheon meat a few weeks back, so if you have been searching for meat alternatives amidst this pandemic, then call on your search party and stop the searching, because Omnipork Luncheon will be available in the Philippines in time.

Prime Pacific Foods, Inc. has confirmed that they will be bringing in the luncheon meat from Omnifoods and will be available in the market most probably in the third quarter of 2020. Claiming to be cholesterol-free and has zero carcinogenic nitrates, Omnipork Luncheon is also said to be 49 percent lower in fat and 62 percent lower in sodium compared to other pork-based canned goods.

Here’s a bonus from Prime Pacific Foods Inc., though! The Omnipork is actually in stock, already, and it is a plant-based ground pork alternative that mimics real meat. You may already order the Omnipork via their website at www.ppfc-online.com.

Not only does Prime Pacific carries Omnipork already, as they also carry the Beyond Meat line. Plus, new stocks of plant-based burger patties and sausages will be arriving on the first week of June.

For more information, follow Prime Pacific Foods Inc., on Instagram.

This article first appeared on Yummy.ph. The Editor of What To Eat PH just made some changes.

*Featured Photo grabbed from Prime Pacific Foods Instagram Page

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