On Journey of Flavors & Of World on Plate: All Aboard the Magical Train that is Six Doors

Promising everyone a whole new world, like Aladdin to Princess Jasmine, and a dining adventure that would not only be pleasurable but would blow you away, Six Doors is bringing the Philippines a world-on-plate experience as they are the first to offer this amazing table mapping projection and 3D dining experience in our country.






All aboard the magical train that will take you to six different countries namely, China, Korea, Japan, USA, and France – each being a VIP room in which you will be able to experience a butler style service, an exclusive premium menu selection which is an 8 course “Surprise Menu”, and free flowing beverages including beers, wines, and cocktails in a thematic set-up that will truly bring each diner to another place. Plus, VIP room guests can get more food from the buffet if they want.




Fortunately for us, we got to try out and experience their famous table mapping projection and 3D dining experience with Six Doors’ official mascot, FIDO, by virtually preparing our meal in front of us on our plate.

With that, the chef also prepared us some of the meals from their exclusive premium menu selection – Lobster Thermidor, Grilled King Prawns, Chicken Roulade, and Pork Belly. Surely, the presentation was exquisite and so we could only imagine how the preparation of each dish was no doubt exquisite as well.


The Lobster Thermidor was stunningly served and was as rich and luxurious as it sounds. With a creamy texture and a subtle hint of sweetness to it, it was not hard to fall in love with this dish.


Following that was the Grilled King Prawns that was just downright delicious, especially with it sumptuous roasted yellow bell pepper sauce.


After that we had the Chicken Roulade that is no doubt a fancy gourmet dish that did not only have a wow factor in regards to its plating, but of course to its taste as well.


Lastly, the chef prepared us their mouth-watering, lip-smacking good Pork Belly that is both succulent and flavorful. Each mouthful of this one was certainly heavenly.






Aside from having some dishes from Six Doors’ exclusive premium menu selection which you can have if you are to avail a VIP room of theirs, of course we also got to explore their open dining area which can accommodate the hungry demands of 228 dining enthusiasts, we tried out their excellent line-up of barbecues leveling up our cravings from some grilling. Other than that, Six Doors is also a full-fledged buffet wherein you will be able to have a fill of different dishes from different cuisines around the world as your experience is certainly a journey of wonderful flavors.



As Six Doors combines the world’s finest cuisines and technology by bringing to your table a more than exciting gastronomical journey amidst the beautiful places around the world, their stylish and elevated dining experience is positively exuding of sophistication, luxury, and class – from lights, to furniture and fixture, to ornament, even down to the way their silverware are all arranged.








With a huge venue, it’s not surprising that Six Doors also has a huge hall dedicated for your cravings – starting with some appetizers, grillables, specialty dishes, Japanese food, wine and beverages, meat fix, dimsum, and of course desserts. From veggies, to meat, to pastas, to seafood, even to soup – whatever you are craving for, Six Doors probably will be able to satisfy that.


For their rates, Adult Rate for their weekday lunch is Php 859, while their rate for their weekday dinner, weekend, and holiday lunch and dinner is Php 1390. For the Kids Rate, below 3ft is free of charge, 3ft to 4ft, weekday lunch is Php 399, and 3ft to 4ft, weekday dinner, weekend, and holiday lunch and dinner is Php 999. In addition, Senior Citizens who are 75 years old and above can avail a discount of 50%.

Meanwhile, if you want to fully experience Six Doors’ table mapping projections and 3D dining journey, their VIP room rate is Php 4500 per head, minimum of four people, being 6 people is the actual room capacity. All rates are VAT inclusive and is subject to 5% service charge.

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