On-the-Go Mexican Food in Less than 100Php

Just can’t stop yourself from the delectable madness of La Carnita Modern Mexican Cantina as well as couldn’t wait as to what actually they have for you? Wehehell, you are at the right place as here you will get first dibs on their La Carnita Express.

This La Carnita Express they are going to launch on the last week of August is actually of a premium kiosk meaning they are using premium ingredients in order to give you the best modern Mexican food experience that they could offer, plus it is also the first ever franchised branch of La Carnita – all thanks to Mr. and Mrs. Doria.

With that, let us all salsa our way to what is waiting for us at La Carnita Express!

1.) Quesadilla

This one is a fave of ours, that we can really assure you! These are the bomb! Very yummy and filling, plus you can choose from five different flavors and when you can’t choose, then just go for everything. They have Plain Quesadilla, Pulled Pork Quesadilla, Chicken Quesadilla, Nacho Beef Quesadilla, and Shredded Beef Quesadilla.

2.) Burrito Wrap

If you have a big mood, also known as a big appetite, then you certainly should go for their Burrito Wrap. You are going to love this satisfying wrap as this one comes in four delectable variants – Nacho Beef, Beed, Pork, and Chicken.

3.) Burrito Box

From enjoying a wrap, why don’t you level it up and just give into your tummy’s request and reach for their Burrito Box? You can get one of this in Nacho Beef and Shredded Beef or Pulled Pork and Chicken… or better yet, just have all of it.

4.) Street Tacos

We know. We know. They have this in their main restaurant as well, but with this one, instead of getting by threes, you will have it by twos which is not bad at all since this one is more of an express. You can have it in chicken or pork and beef.

5.) Crispy Tacos

Other than their Street tacos, Crispy tacos are all for your taking and we know you are going to take it. Tacos are fun to eat, especially when it is packed with that much-loved crunch punch. You can munch on this with pork, beef, chicken, or nacho beef.

6.) Nachos Ala Bomba

Now, this one is really the one to beat! Many La Carnita fans have fallen in love with this and we can’t deny that this is most of the time the reason of their coming back. The Nachos Ala Bomba just got everybody drooling for it and from La CarnitaExpress, you are going to get it for half a serving which is just right to fix that craving of yours on-the-go!

With the franchisees being foodies as well, you sure are going to get more yummy goodies on your way! Just wait and see what else they have yet to offer, but for now, we know you just can’t wait to have a fill of all of this, especially the fave of everyone, the Nachos Ala Bomba.

Follow La Carnita Modern Mexican Cantina on their Social Media pages below:

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/lacarnitaph/

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/lacarnitaph/

Address: 47 Dahlia Ave, Novaliches, Quezon City, 1122 Metro Manila

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