On the hunt for some good food almost every second of the day? Well, Eden Food Hall is the tasty solution to your food dilemma.

With people clamoring for food non-stop every minute of every hour of every day, this food hall is up to the challenge of satisfying cravings of people from different walks of life all day, each and every day.


Located in BGC, offering delicious, affordable food, Eden Food Hall is open 24 hours, 6 days a week from 7AM Monday until 11PM Saturday.



Offering different cuisines and food choices from more than ten food establishments, this food adventure will definitely be a hard one to beat, but a filling and fun one to do, for sure!


Starting off with Bulacan Lugaw Kitchen, a food establishment highlighting Filipino cuisine from their menu, to the plating, and down to the taste of each dish, because nothing compares to the taste of food that takes not only our palate, but us, ourselves, to a place familiar like home.



We had five dishes that we surely loved, which are Tokwa’t Baboy, Lugaw, Goto, Leche Flan, and Turon. The Tokwa’t Baboy was really flavorful as this comes with crispy fried tofu with chunks of pig cheeks, also known as mascara ng baboy. While Lugaw and Goto are both comforting and delicious, perfect for when one needs a pick-me-up on a down day. And of course, for dessert, we are not going to pass on the opportunity to have one of the classic meriendas of Filipinos, the Turon – truly a sweet delightful snack that has that crunch fun in every bite.  Last from Bulacan lugaw Kitchen, we also had their Leche Flan which is actually a fave of ours as the caramelized sugar and the milky, creamy, soft texture of the flan itself goes really well together.


After having some Filipino dishes, we felt like trying out the rich, tasty, vibrant food offering that is of Thai cuisine which was fortunately being offered by Chang Thai. Thai food is something we truly adore because of its diverse flavor and packed with spice offering.


From that, we had Chang Thai’s Pad Thai which you can get either with chicken or shrimp. Pad Thai is actually stir-fried noodles that are commonly served as a street food. Chang Thai’s Pad Thai has just the right combination of spicy and sour especially when mixed with the tasty firm noodles with some added crunch from the peanuts.


Heading on for more food that are bursting with spices, Rafik Shawarma is of Middle Eastern Cuisine offering shawarma wraps, shawarma rice, and some extras you want to add on your chosen order. With a tasteful stall design, Rafik Shawarma is actually hard to miss as this one is placed near the door to Eden Food Hall from which you can easily get your shawarma cravings satisfied.


From here we got to try their Shawarma Wrap which you can get with beef, chicken, wagyu, or lamb. Our order of Shawarma Wrap was hands down filled with meat and veggies, flavored with just the right amount of heat.


Now onto some famed Italian cuisine, Chicago’s Deep Dish Pizza and Pasta is aiming for excellence on regards to serving their diners the best pizza slices and pasta dishes they could offer which your drooling appetite will be satisfied with!



Lucky for us we had two of each of their best offers. What we had from their Deep Dish Pizza is the Meat Lovers variant of it. Slathered with delicious sauce, loaded with meat toppings, and topped with cheese, this Meat Lovers Deep Dish Pizza really gave us our meat fix. While for their pasta, we had the Seafood & Alfredo Pasta which was undeniable a pasta dish that is so good, filled with plump, fresh seafood and crunchy vegetables.


Next would be of the vibrant and fun cuisine that is Mexican which is offered by Gastro Grub in Eden Food Hall. This food stall highlights their food with visible signs which makes it easy for interested diners to check out what they are offering.


From Gastro Grub we got to grab four of their delicious dishes which are Chili Con Carne Nachos that are topped with ground beef and cheese sauce; The Insignificant Egg Sandwich, also known as T.I.E.S., which you can get either with spam, bacon, or sausage, nothing fancy really, but is made with buttered bun, quick-grilled American cheese, caramelized onions, custardy scrambled eggs, finely minced chives, and sriracha mayo; Parmesan Crusted Chicken that tasted really great especially the chicken was truly tender; and lastly, Angela’s Rosemary Porkchop which was aromatic and scrumptious at the same time.


Following that is actually one of the new food stalls here in Eden Food Hall, the Empress Kitchen is offering a wide array of food choices that are of Asian cuisine. The Asian cuisine is not that much new to us, but still it has this certain pull in our heart, in our tummies, and in our taste buds that we undeniably keep coming back to.

As Empress Kitchen is of Asian cuisine, we got to have one dish from them that is of Korean cuisine. The Jap Chae of Empress Kitchen was made with yummy glass noodles and crunchy veggies that gave us a subtle hint of sweetness.


More from the wonderful Asian cuisine, Bakmi Nyonya is offering Indonesian dishes that will give you a taste of one of the oldest Southeast Asian cuisines without compromising its deliciousness regardless it being actually affordable.


Bakmi Nyonya gave us some of their classics which are the Beef Rendang, Sambal, and Bakmi Goreng. Bursting with Indo spices, the Beef Rendang was cooked in coconut oil which gives this dish a balance of splendid flavors. While the Bakmi Goreng is a stir fried noodle dish which you can choose the topping you really want to put into. Lastly, the Sambal was a tasty dish that is oozing with spices that would probably give you not only some blush on your face, but some flavor in your life as well.


If you are like us whose comfort food includes some Japanese dishes or street food then this next food stall that can be found in Eden Food hall might just be your next go-to. JD’s Takoyaki & Donburi is actually not only offering takoyaki, but rice meals as well.


But since this food stall is really famous for their takoyaki, of course we won’t be saying no to that. Their Takoyaki is notable as they use crab meat instead of octopus which is the usual seafood placed inside a takoyaki. With that, we really enjoyed and appreciated their serving of their mouth-watering takoyaki.


Another food stall that is offering Japanese cuisine inside Eden Food Hall is Suki Gyouza which basing from its name, offering fried gyoza that you can get in 4 pieces, 6 pieces, or even 12 pieces if that is how much you are craving for.


Suki Gyouza’s Gyoza has a well-balanced crisp exterior and tender steamed inside which tastes really good especially with their sauce, lending it a tad bit of spice and saltiness in every bite, which we are not at all complaining for.


After having some Asian flavors, let’s head onto the west and grab a taste of American cuisine which is being offered by Pepa Wings here in Eden Food Hall. Starring some breakfast rice meals, but giving the highlight mostly to some awesome chicken wings which is a fave, Pepa Wings got us digging into their delicious, best-eaten-with-hands wings.


Having two variants of chicken wings, the New Yorker Chicken Wings which are of spicy and sour tasty; and the Cheesy Bacon Chicken Wings which are wings covered in scrumptious bacon bits and cheese; this experience of ours has just leveled up even more.


For when you decided to go here at Eden Food Hall and you are actually in the hunt for healthy food, then do not fret because they can cater your cravings as well as they have Go! Salads just for you. What we had from Go! Salads were both a dish and a drink which are such great partners.


One from their Farm Fresh Salad selection, the Wild Wild West which was such a delight has shredded carrots, buffalo chicken bites, greens, and herb ranch. While for the drink, what we had was their Breakfast Smoothie that are a mixture of apple, banana, cinnamon, oats, coco sugar, chia seeds, greens, and soy milk. Rightly, a nutritious meal for people trying to be healthy which we totally support.


Topping this all off with some sweets to gratify our sweet tooth, the Dessert Table was there to save us after getting to try almost all the food offerings here at Eden Food Hall. One of the crowd’s favorite stall, the Dessert Table is offering heavenly delicacies for dessert lovers like us.



Deliciously, what we had was their cupcakes, which you can choose from classic red velvet, salted caramel, dark chocolate with sprinkles, calamansi meringue, and ube velvet; another is their cookies which you can have in classic chocolate chip, double chocolate chip, Nutella-stuffed, momofuku compost, or calamansi, white choco & cheddar; lastly, their milky soft serve which actually what they are famous for because they have managed to combine two faves of many, milk tea and soft serve. With that, their soft serve can be enjoyed by choosing classic milk tea, thai milk tea, or milo dinosaur.



And of course, for our last stop, after munching on, gobbling down everything that we had here at Eden Food Hall, we headed on to Eden Café for some beverages that would help us down the food we have eaten.


Eden Café offers specialty coffee & chocolate, teas & mixes, water, soft drinks, and even alcohols, would you believe? Well, you should, because they really do have those in their menu! Here at Eden Café, what we had was their Refreshing Lemonade, that definitely lived up to its name, and of course to give us some more energy, their lovely Latte.

Obviously, there really is so much food here in Eden Food Hall that it would be hard for you to not be able to pick what it is you actually want, considering this place is open 24 house, 6 days a week, you can definitely go on a binge here or if you want to stay healthy because that’s how diverse their offerings are.

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