One word to describe Yum PH? Well, it surely is “Yum!”

Yum PH is big on providing yummy choices. From delectable baked bars to mouthwatering mallows and luscious cheesecakes, Yum PH is indeed ready to bring you whatever that has you craving and drooling.

Their cheesecakes come in different variants. They have chocolatey ones and even fruity ones. Nonetheless, all their cheesecakes are truly cheesy, so if cheese is something you cannot live without, then with Yum PH, your heart and palate will truly be in their happy place.

Their Red Velvet Cheesecake (Php 1199) is such a luscious romantic choice perfect for when you want to make your special someone feel extra special. This cheesecake is no doubt love in edible form, so don’t think twice and give this to your significant other.

Meanwhile, another cheesecake by Yum PH that you have got to have is their Unicorn Cheesecake (Php 1099). This magical, colorful cheesecake will undeniably release the child in you that you have tried to keep so hard as you become the responsible adult that you are everyday.

Thinking of sharing some of this yumminess by Yum PH? Their 10-in-1 Cheesecake (Php 999) is great for when you, your friends, and your family have different cheesecake preferences. This whole cheesecake includes 10 flavors, so there’s really something for everyone.

Of course, from their cheesecakes, if you are in for more, then it is time for you to snatch Yum PH’s Mallow Bites (20 pieces Php 200) and Mallow Pops (5 pieces Php 200). These soft and gooey goodies will have you on a mallow high you will not want to get down from.

Last, but definitely not the least are their Baked Bars. As mentioned, Yum PH has a variance of products and that includes their assorted baked bars such as Caramel Bars, Revel Bars, Brownies, and Creampuffs.

Catch more from Yum PH by visiting their Facebook and Instagram. Their inbox is always open for any questions or concerns.

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