Open Kitchen Congressional: Distinct, delicious dining concepts under one roof

Food parks have been poppin’ around the metro, that’s for sure. It has been giving people unique dining concepts ever since and that is just one of the many things we love about it. Can’t decide what you want to eat? Food Park. Don’t know where to dine? Food Park. Food choices clashing? Food Park. It is almost as if Food Park is the answer to everything.


However, we are not to talk about food parks in general, as we are to focus on what might just be one of the bests there is – the Open Kitchen at Congressional. This branch of Open Kitchen is actually the second one; housing 16 stalls that are all promising an awesome dining experience.






With the place looking festive, setting the perfect mood for pigging out and making memories, we got to try 5 stalls out of the 16 dining concepts and we are all so excited as we are to share our experience in each.


First off, let us start with finger food, if you may – the Wings Section. With owner, Nerissa “Neri” Dionela, being a chicken wings fan herself, she decided to wing eat by conceptualizing this delicious food stall. If it isn’t obvious to you yet, they serve heavenly chicken wings, but of course they also serve other nomnoms like cheesy beef fries, cheesy bacon fries, cheesy beef nachos, regular fries, buttered corn, and even nuggets!



For the chicken wings, the Wing Section is offering 8 different scrumptious flavors with 6 pieces of wings as the minimum number per order. You can also get it for 8 pieces, 12 pieces, 24 pieces, or even 30 pieces if you are so adamant in having some wings! We mean, the more you order, the lesser the price it would be – such a steal, right?


Currently, they are adding more on their menu such as hot plates. Plus, for your convenience, they also do delivery through Foodpanda, Grabfood, and soon even with Honestbee – surely, so much to look forward to here at the Wings Section!

You can check Wings Section on Instagram: @wings_section and drool over wings and a whole lot more!


Following Wings Section is A’dos Kitchenette which is owned by Ashang Yap. She is actually a mother and she actually named her food stall from her son which is Allen Angelo.


Serving not only Filipino comfort food, but also all day breakfast dishes, Shayne is very hands on with Ado’s Kitchenette as she is even the one buying all the ingredients, does the cooking which is her passion, all the while being a mother and a businesswoman.





At Ado’s Kitchenette, you are sure that your food is meticulously prepared as they only start making your food once you ordered so they actually allot 10-15 minutes for serving time. With this, we got to try four yummy dishes from Ado’s Kitchenette – Tapsilog which is one of their bestsellers, Tocilog, Pork Sisig, and Bagnet inspired Lechon Kawali.

The dishes we got to try surely hit home in every spoonful we took. The Tapsilog and Tocilog reminded us of early mornings on our family’s breakfast table where everyone is being awaken by the aroma of the dishes. While the Pork Sisig and the Bagnet Inspired Lechon Kawali made us reminisce of kalokohan moments and inuman sesh with our barkadas.

Visit Ado’s Kitchenette’s Instagram page: @ados_kitchenette and feel warm all over as you feel at home at the same time.


The next food concept we are to explore is Fastazee – which was derived from the word pasta, a dish that is fast to serve, and fast to see, according to the owner, Carolina Ramirez. She used to have a stall in El Fresco wherein some of her products such as burgers will be added more from there to here – Open Kitchen at Congressional.






Fastazee offered us some lovely dishes that undeniably did not only tease our taste buds but pleasure it as well. You definitely have to try the Pesto Pasta, the Nachos, the Lasagna, and a favorite of ours, the Beef Bacon Jalapeno Pizza that is a burst of meaty flavor with a kick of spice. They try their best to serve healthy and so they don’t use MSG in any of their dishes. Plus, for their burgers, their patties are consisted of 80% lean meat and 20% fat.

With those, we are confident that what we had were not only drool-worthy and lip-smacking good, but certainly healthy as well. Watch out for this food stall as they are still cooking up some more for you.



From having a taste of some meaty adventure, let us give our palate some fresh sharpness to delight in from Oji-San Yakitori. This certain food stall here at Open Kitchen Congressional is of Japanese cuisine as they are offering a variety of different Japanese dishes at affordable prices.




From rolls, to ramen, to dons, and of course, even down to yakitori, Oji-San Yakitori no doubt has what you are craving for! We first started digging into their Oji-San Platter which has kani salad, tuna sashimi, spicy salmon roll, california rolls, and two ebi tempura. As if they knew we were craving for more tempura and spiced up fun, they served us their Tempura Maki and Volcano Roll which both have their unique appetizing flavors.

With Open Kitchen Congressional being quaint and cozy, one would easily get comfortable and enjoy each and every bite of Oji-San Yakitori dishes so be sure to try them out because many are fans of this food stall already.


For more yummy bites, Dalo’s Grill has some for you. Started in 2016, Dalo’s Grill is owned by April Loayan, highlighting delectable grilled dishes such as milkfish, liempo, inasal, tuna belly, and squid. They also serve some pica-pica and pulutan for that much awaited drinking session with your lovable friends, such as isaw, manok, longganisa, and even hotdog.





If you are looking for a heavier filling, you can order some of Dalo’s Grill rice meals which we are quite sure you will find delightful and satisfying. And if you are going for a healthy alternative, Dalo’s Grill has some ensaladang mangga and grilled talong for your taking.

Meanwhile, if you are going here with some family or friends, then that’s great because they serve platters and group meals as well that some are good for 3-4 persons and others are good for 5-6 persons. Hopefully, soon, they open in malls too; so that is one thing you get to be excited about.

After having those different flavors, but at the same time delicious nonetheless, we are not to leave this food park without having our daily dose of sweet fix because that is one of the things that helps us get through another day.


Mr. Churros is Open Kitchen Congressional’s answer to our much wanted and needed sugar in our system. Offering churros and shakes, this eye candy desserts and drinks  bar is something to really look forward to.  Teasing us with their Churros A La Mode which one can delight in rainbow, blueberry, and/or chocolate crunch. As if having that delectable ice cream with churros wasn’t enough, we were given some Ice Cream Pops which we can’t deny how lovely and yummy. Last, but definitely not the least, a dessert  and drink all rolled into one, the Twin Milkshake we got to have came in cookies and cream and avocado – a pairing so good and heavenly.



With that, you might think that Mr. Churros is only about churros but then again this one actually got more twists than you would think. Highlighting churros in their menu offering but giving their dessert fans a choice of what kind of churros they actually want is what Mr. Churros has been famous for. They have churro bowl which you have the option to make your own, churro sandwich, churro a la mode, churro cone, and milkshakes. Surely, there’s a kind of churro for everyone!


Of course, after gobbling all that down, we needed something to somehow how wash everything down and that’s where this next food stall comes in.  The Juice Joint is the perfect go-to for all juicy drinks you have in mind. They have juice, slush, and shakes which also comes in different flavors and two different sizes depending on your thirst level.



What we had from The Juice Joint are actually two of their Shakes offering. One of which is Banana Shakes which gave us that subtle sweet taste that is cold at the same time – perfect for our weather! Another, we had their Mango Banana Shake which is a combination of sweet and a bit of a charming zest.

The extra fun thing about The Juice Joint is that you can have any choice of their thirst busting offering and you will not regret whatever that choice of yours is, so no matter what you choose, it surely is going to be a total win.


Lastly, after munching on, eating, and even devouring all those delicacies from the first four food stalls in Open Kitchen Congressional, our fifth and last stop for today is a small bar stall which has a great line up of alcoholic drinks. The owners are actually dentists who go to bars to release stress, but are no longer enjoying loud music as what they want is to just a good chill place where they can drink and chat, hence the Holic was born.




They hired a mixologist consultant although they also came up with some of the drinks they are offering. One of which they are proud of is that they are the first one to offer Keto friendly drink, also known as their Keto Holic Organic Cocktails. From Strawberry, to Blueberry, to Melon, to Blue Hawaiian, no doubt Holic has something that would suit your taste. We got to try the Blueberry Keto Holic and it was absolutely the bomb!


They use imported liquors for the base and they also use fresh mint leaves for their mojito which makes you relish in its aroma even more. Plus, for a more fun twist, you can also have their alcoholic milkshakes in Matcha, Chocolate, and Vanilla Strawberry.

If you are interested in throwing a party, Holic can also cater to that event of yours as they have events packages in which they also offer a mobile bar. Get down with them as you check their Instagram which is @holicbar.

Open Kitchen Congressional still has spaces or stalls open for interested tenants who want to venture into the food business. Currently, they are looking for some dining concepts that gives the spotlight to  desserts, Chinese cuisine, and some love in the mug, the coffee.

Having to try different food stalls here at Open Kitchen Congressional was an experience like no other and if all those were already great, what more are the others which we didn’t get to try, right? That’s for you to find out and share to us, so get a ride to Open Kitchen Congressional now and enjoy a fun culinary adventure that is of warm companies and good times as they usually have some entertainers and artists during Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays.

Follow Open Kitchen Congressional on their Social Media Pages below:



Featured Open Kitchen Branch: Congressional

Address: 65 Congressional Ave Ext, Quezon City, Metro Manila

Hours of Operation: Mondays to Sundays, 4PM to 12AM





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