Open Kitchen Sheridan – A Food Hall Worth Raving For! – Part 1

One of the proverbial questions that a lot of people encounter constantly is definitely the very question that serves as the essence of this blog – “what to eat?”. It’s a dream come true to find a place where the we could easily get our hands on whatever the answer to this constant question is, and we didn’t even have to look far cause this haven for our hungry tummies is just within the metro, at Rockwell Business Center Sheridan. Yes, we’re talking about this new foodie destination, Open Kitchen Food Hall.




Open Kitchen Food Hall boasts of a homey yet sophisticated atmosphere that is perfect for whether you want to hang out and chill or you are just out to eat and run. The area could give you a feel of a more cosmopolitan food court or an indoor food park.  Instagram enthusiasts would definitely love that there are creative spaces that could serve as perfect backdrops for your IG shots.

There are 23 restaurants of different variations that are pooled together in Open Kitchen. From all-time favorite pinoy dishes to international flavors , whatever you’re gastronomic longings are, you could definitely satisfy in this cornucopia of all our food cravings.

We got to try some of the best dishes of the restaurants that are located in this majestic food hall and it was definitely a big party of wonderful food and our tummies are nothing short of satisfied.

There are several Asians food stalls in Open Kitchen like the Golden Hat which offers Authentic Thai Cuisines, Ojii-san Yakitori Bar, your go-to stall for your Japanese food cravings, Steam and Boil for those looking for healthy Chinese food and several more.




Golden Hat has around 20 Thai dishes that you can choose from, like their savory Pad Thai, the flavorful Red Curry Chicken, and the sumptuous Sweet Basil Chili Beef. Open Kitchen Food Hall is the only place where you can enjoy authentic Thai cuisine from Golden Hat, which are not only delectable but also comes in a lower price. So who says you cannot enjoy authentic Thai food without burning a hole in your pockets.





If your taste buds are longing for Japanese flavors, then you can head straight to Ojii-San Yakitori Bar. Their dishes vary from our favorite Ramen, Yakitoris, Donburis and Sushis. The restaurant is inspired by the owner’s love for Japanese food, so we are pretty sure they endeavor to make you fall in love with it too.




Chinese food could sometimes be prejudiced to be a bit more on the unhealthy scale of dishes, since it’s overflowing with flavors. But dishes from Steam and Boil boasts of that same well-loved Chinese savory taste but healthier. You can enjoy different kinds of flavorful dimsums and rice toppings, all made from organic ingredients, so you can freely enjoy your favorite Chinese delicacies without worrying about too much MSGs.





Speaking of healthy food, also located in Open Kitchen Food Hall is Manna which is an exceptional restaurant that offers a menu designed after providing a balanced diet for their customers. Now, you don’t have to worry about spending too much just to get yourself a healthy and balanced meal, since the dishes from Manna are totally budget-friendly. We definitely love that you can get the nutritional facts of each of the dishes in their menu. We got to try their Mexican Prawn Salad, Fiery Beef Wrap, Fresh Salmon Rice Bowl and Tandoor Chicken Stuff Tortilla, and man, whoever said that healthy food doesn’t taste like anything? Cause these dishes are totally overflowing with amazing flavor. Manna is now offering franchises for those who want to bring the concept of a balanced diet restaurant closer to more people.





If your tummies are longing for your favorite Pinoy food, then Ligaya Altanghap is the stall for you. They offer dishes that are perfect for Almusal, Tanghalian and Hapunan, so whatever time of the day you felt like getting your hands on delectable and innovative Filipino Cuisine you can head to Open Kitchen and grab yourself one (or two, or three) of the comfort food dishes that Ligaya Althanghap offers.





Open Kitchen Food Hall is also home to some of our favorite food stalls like Potato Corner and Jamaican Patties. They also have Lemon Central, where you can get a dose of your favorite lemonades. They offer different varieties that adds a more twist to this well-loved refreshment. We particularly loved their lemon Cucumber and the classic Lemon Honey flavor.




Open Kitchen Food Hall would not be the perfect cornucopia of amazing food if it would not have stalls for dessert. Those who are looking to satisfy their sweet tooth would find themselves drawn to Flow, which offers an interesting and tasty take on our favorite ice cream. Flow would definitely have you rolling with the variety of flavors of their rolled ice creams, a popular food concept that originated from Thailand. This is definitely an ice cream experience that you will never get somewhere else.





Churros Stop offers a fun and exciting Churros experience through their crispy and delicious Churros that comes with a variety of delicious dips such as Matcha green tea, Caramel, White chocolate and strawberry. They also have innovative Churros variety like their Churrodog and Churro pops.

These are just some of the amazing restaurants that you could find in Open Kitchen Sheridan there are a lot more that you could explore and enjoy. So the next time you find yourself asking the question what to eat? You could make your way to Mandaluyong in Open Kitchen Sheridan and find the answer in one of the many restaurants that provide high quality and delicious dishes in an affordable price.

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Address:  Rockwell Business Center, Sheridan, Mandaluyong, Metro Manila

Contact Number: 0917 834 2446

Hours of Operation: 10AM to 10PM, Mondays to Sundays

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