Our Holidays Were Made Special By Vavi’s

We have ended another year together and we cannot be even more proud than we are right now as 2021 was no doubt tough on all of us and yet we are still all here, stronger and more inspired. That said, we spent our Holidays with people that are dear to us since we wanted to celebrate all our wins and even our losses that turned into lessons with people that have been with us through and through.

As that is the case, we went with Vavi’s over the Holidays, as they are a food delivery service that shares the same belief with us – and that is good food is best shared with families in the comfort of your very own home. Indeed, Vavi’s make good food better by not only fulfilling our taste buds, but also meeting our budget so we don’t get to burn a hole in our pocket, you know what we mean?

Starting with a luscious Filipino classic, Vavi’s’ Kare-Kare is as exquisite as it could be. The sight of it screams celebration and win already, that’s why we made sure to get it. With a generous serving of thick and tender pork cuts, together with fresh greens such as pechay, string beans, and eggplant, in a bed of delicious peanut sauce; this Kare-Kare is absolutely a start that would be hard to follow.

However, as much as that was hard to top off, we found Vavi’s’ Garlic Pepper Beef and Mushroom to be just the perfect dish to indulge in next! Being it is such a beefy and creamy surprise, every mouthful of this is truly a feast in its own right, so if you are looking to experience such a sumptuous viand like no other, then going for this one will not disappoint you, as it did not disappoint us.

Speaking of another dish that did not disappoint us, this Chicken Cordon Bleu by Vavi’s is another one to look out for! The hype this dish is getting is absolutely well-deserved as its crispy exterior plus its tender, tasty, and cheesy inner yumminess was no doubt hard to resist. Besides, could we really call it a party of some sort if we don’t have Chicken Cordon Bleu on our table? Duh.

Although, if you are looking for more cheesy goodness with a mix of that delectable buttery dream taste, then Vavi’s’ Baked Scallops is the one you should not miss out on. This dish would transport you to the beach as if you are finally having that much-awaited, much-missed beach trip of yours! Seriously, this one took us to places we have been missing and we will make sure to order another round of this next time!

Vavi’s really satisfied each one of our palates and bellies. They undeniably have turned our celebration even more grand than what we had planned. Thanks to this feast of flavors they have given us, we certainly havd ended 2021 with a blast!

It’s not too late for you to have a blast as well. Kickstart your 2022 with Vavi’s by checking them out on their Social Media Pages which are Facebook and Instagram!

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