Oy! Croqueta: Your Next Food Voyage

It is always exciting to find new food concepts in the metro, and we are thrilled for Oy! Croqueta as they officially opened their flagship store in SM Mall of Asia. This not-your-ordinary food cart is a fun and innovative concept curated by young Spanish entrepreneurs, and they have surely arrived in style in their galleon ready to blow away the Filipinos’ minds with their fusion food. Ready for the voyage? All aboard, pasaheros!

We were fortunate to meet the wonderful Spanish traveler-entrepreneurs behind the food concept. Jonas Pons, Xavi Rovira and Julen Alendi all fell in love with the Philippines during each of their travels. Having a shared heritage, but with the same appreciation for Filipino culture, and an unwavering passion for food, the triumvirate came together to create Oy! Croqueta.

Oy! Croqueta takes snack food to a whole new level by creating Filipino flavors utilizing rice, a staple food for all Pinoys but in the form of Spanish paella. The most fun part is that they made them into bite-size servings, perfect for the modern Pinoy, always on the go but also in search for an affordable and filling meal. This is the first of its kind as a food concept in the market. They were able to create a kiosk that introduces the well loved Spanish snack, the croqueta, and curate it to have the tastes very familiar to the Filipino palette.

We were able to try some of their creations, and every flavor is definitely worth exploring. Each piece is perfectly fried to a wonderful crisp outside, creamy and tasty on the inside and exploding with so much flavor on every bite. They have savory items, and even sweet ones, and each recipe is carefully thought of.

The most classic flavor is their Chorizo croqueta. The Spanish paella is very much pronounced in it and it is definitely tasty!

Another of the popular items include the Adobong Pusit which is a Filipino spinoff to the squid ink paella.

The obvious crowd favorite is their Lechon Croqueta, we wouldn’t even mention what it is composed of because we want you to try it for yourself.We can definitely guarantee they are absolutely delicious!

As for their dessert poppers, we loved all of them! And watch out as they come up with special flavors as well! We were even able to try a new one, still yet to be launched in their store, but definitely worth the try!

The sizes of the croquetas are available in Croqueton and Croqueta, while the dessert croquetas are only available as Poppers. They serve their products into Snack trips or Meal trips. From single portions to sharing plates, Oy! Croqueta has got you covered!

The Oy! Croqueta Galleon anchored right in the heart of Manila, at the South Arcade of SM Mall of Asia. You can also have an upclose and personal experience in their kiosk as they have a live kitchen which gives you a demo of how each item is created. Every visit will take you on a voyage of Spanish-Filipino culture and cuisine.

We are elated for Oy! Croqueta and definitely, it is a great choice when you are thinking of what to eat next. (See what we did there? 😉) As the fun trio says, “Bite into the crunch, there rice in this croqueta!”

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