Pamper Your Taste Buds with Tokyo Tokyo’s New Wagyu Rice Series



Long before the different Japanese joints sprouted all over the metro, Filipinos have fallen in love first with Tokyo Tokyo.


This September, the number one and pioneer Japanese restaurant chain in the Philippines – boldly takes on Wagyu yet again by bringing Filipinos an inventive take on this classic Japanese favorite!

Savor the best of Japanese beef with Tokyo Tokyo’s newest Wagyu Rice Series made with the finest ingredients and experience premium indulgence in every bite.

Tokyo Tokyo Wagyu Rice Series
Photo by @tokyotokyophilippines

Following the success of its Wagyu Cubes Bento, Tokyo Tokyo launches Wagyu in an innovative and exciting way by pairing it with their crowd-favorite donburi rice bowls! The Wagyu Rice Series features Japanese fried rice flavored with premium Wagyu beef and topped with Tokyo Tokyo’s best-selling Signature dishes: Beef Yakiniku, Chicken Teriyaki, and Classic Prawn Tempura. These three variants definitely level up your dining experience for a festival of Wagyu-infused goodness and a taste of Japan like no other. The Wagyu Rice Series gives customers the opportunity to indulge and immerse themselves in a variety of flavors in each dish.


Enjoy succulent goodness with Tokyo Tokyo’s Beef Yakiniku Wagyu Rice, served with shredded carrots and a tender sunny-side up egg. Sounds delish right? Tastes even better, actually.


If you simply can’t get enough of  chicken, then the Chicken Teriyaki Wagyu Rice drizzled with unagi sauce and served with a bed of fresh lettuce with Japanese mayo makes for the richest and most delectable dish for savory food lovers.


On the other hand, for all the seafood lovers out there, Tokyo Tokyo also offers Tempura Wagyu Rice which features an array of Classic Prawn Tempura, tempura onion rings, and potato tempura—trickling with savory unagi sauce and crisp onion leeks.
With the array of intense flavors that you can choose from, be sure to try a hearty bowl the next time you visit the nearest Tokyo Tokyo store! Each premium Wagyu Rice bowl is priced at PHP 180.

So what are you waiting for? Head over to Tokyo Tokyo Philippines for more information about the product and follow Tokyo Tokyo Philippines on Facebook and @tokyotokyophilippines on Instagram for more updates!

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