Pampering our Sweet Tooth with Amada’s Leche Flan and Desserts

Admit it or not, most Filipinos are born with sweet tooth and the knack for loving anything sweet. Hence, most of our dishes are flavored sweetly.  Which also makes US – the Philippines, a dessert loving nation.

I, for example, most of the time feels that my meal is incomplete if I don’t have any serving of dessert at the end of my meal.

So when we received Amada’s Leche Flans in different jars and molder wrapped in these neat packaging, we just can’t contain our excitement. They also included their Dulce de Leche Pili Roll, which I must say is pretty long unlike the normal cake roll that we see from known bakeshops.


We really like  how they presented their products with appealing and classy packaging. We absolutely adore their purple ribbon.



But what’s even more lovely are the catchy phrases or sentence that they included as a label on every Leche Flan jar. It makes it more engaging for the customers to see and check what message each jar holds.


We decided to try  one jar first in order to make room for the other desserts. Upon opening the jar, the sweet aroma of the Leche Flan will sure to fill the air. We took one spoonful and just like that, we didn’t notice that we already empty it.



Then we tried their Dulce de Leche Pili Roll. And one thing was for sure, it was such a delightful treat. The combination of Pili and Dulce De Leche in a chiffon cake was such a winner.




We then, checked if the Leche Flan on a molder will be any different to the one on the jar and it was exactly with the same luscious, creamy and milky taste that we love on their jar version.

This holiday season, Amada’s Leche Flan and Desserts will be the perfect gift for your friends, colleagues, relatives and love-ones. We can assure you, they will surely appreciate the sweetness in you.




You can place an order through any of their social media channels listed above or send them an email at

You can also reach them at 0917-714-6737 for inquiries and orders.

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