Papa Knows Best: First Branch of Good Papa Now Open

We first heard of Good Papa when we got a taste of tapa from their sister brand, the Good Tapa. Then, recently, we heard that Good Papa themselves opened their first branch in SM North Sky Garden, and if you guys have been with us for a long time, you know we are not going to pass on that!

Good Papa
Good Papa

We just really have an undeniable love for cafes, and so we drove to SM North Sky Garden and checked out Good Papa! Currently, their menu is straightforward and drool-worthy, consisting of rice bowls, tacos, and classic coffee choices.

Tapa Taco

We first called dibs on their Tapa Taco (Single Php 120 | Set of Three Php 180) which was so fun to eat! We loved how tender and tasty this was, which led us to reaching more of their dishes.

Good Tapa

That said, we then moved onto their rice bowls. The first ones we had were their Good Tapa (Php 180) which is garlic rice, angus good tapa, salsa of the day, and egg; and their Gyu Tapa (Php 220) which is garlic rice, angus sukiyaki, sauteed mixed mushrooms, and onsen egg.

Garlic Salpicao
Pork Thai Mama

Next we had two more rice bowls that were oh-so-tasty! Their Garlic Salpicao (Php 280) is of garlic rice, tenderloin cubes, mixed mushrooms, and garlic aioli; while their Pork Thai Mama (Php 180) is of garlic rice, pork sukiyaki, Thai mama sauce, shredded eggs, and bean sprouts.

Pork Thai Mama

Good Papa’s rice bowls are no doubt satisfying as each has generous serving plus yummy flavors! With that, we also got to enjoy them with Good Papa’s beverages.

Spanish Latte and Caramel Macchiato

Their Citrus Cooler was a revitalizing thirst-quencher, while their Spanish Latte and Caramel Macchiato gave us the relaxing break we needed, especially because we were having long days lately.

Good Papa

Catch more of Good Papa by checking out their Facebook, and Instagram. You can also drop by their SM North Sky Garden branch so you can enjoy the full experience.

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