Paprika brings the taste of the world under one roof and you definitely have to try it!

Bohol, the home of the beautiful Chocolate Hills and the cute wide-eyed creatures of the nature, the Tarsier, is surely a place of solace and serenity – two things that many people crave for, especially the ones living a busy life in the city, where what you see are tall buildings and what you hear are cars honking in the long hours of traffic.




As Bohol is such a splendid place to be in, the Donatela Hotel is such a wonderful resort in Bohol that will absolutely pamper you, give you a treatment that what can be described so much more than just special.




Donatela Hotel is not only of luxe, rustic villas in a sophisticated seaside hotel, but also it highlights a crisp outdoor pool, a relaxing spa, and of course lovely restaurants and bars offering delicious food, delightful drinks, and good times.




With a panoramic sight of the Bohol Sea, Donatela Hotel’s signature restaurant, the Paprika, has a menu for travelers and diners that gives the spotlight to the taste of the world. The restaurant is one the edge of the waters wherein guests can dine in the luxury of air-conditioned rooms or the in the loveliness of open air veranda which both offer an amazing view of the sea.



As Paprika gives off such a fresh vibe along freshly made scrumptious dishes just waiting to be delighted in, even devoured, the best way to start this taste-of-the-world adventure in Bohol is with Coconut Samba (Php 360) which is presented beautifully with prawns, pomelo, and papaya with marinated Asian dressing all in a lovely coconut.


And while enjoying a gorgeous view of the tempting sea, the Greek Salad (Php 495) is a wonderful, hearty serving of vibrant, crunchy veggies such as green lettuce, cucumber, capsicum, together with feta cheese, plum tomato, and with a delicious lemon dressing that is certainly a tease to the taste buds of what is more to come.



After gobbling down the Greek Salad, the Grilled Tomahawk Steak (Php 6210) is a delectable dish to eat up for a heavier filling and one that you should not miss out on, especially it is grilled to perfection, surrounded by roasted potatoes with its tasty green pepper sauce on the side. With this being a huge meaty dish, this one is best eaten shared among four folks!


And of course, being near the sea, Paprika of Dontela Hotel certainly has some mouthwatering dishes starring some great tasting gifts of the sea, one of which is the Seafood a la Pancha (Market Price) which is a total feast of yumminess for seafood lovers as this one gives spotlight to what are the fisherman’s catch for the day, grilled with Italian olive oil, and served with a choice of plain rice or turmeric fried rice.




Other than sumptuous, savory dishes, Paprika of Donatela Hotel has some snacks and hand-held treats such as pizzas and sandwiches perfect for casual chit-chats, as well as desserts great for satisfying that sweet tooth such as pastries, ice creams, and even the classic Filipino delicacy, the Halo-Halo!

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